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Apr 18, 2008 07:58 AM

which farmers market can I find La Boulangerie bread?

I bought amazing bread from La boulangerie at the famers mkt on thursday at the la cienega location and was wondering where else dows he see them?? Hopefully I can find him today, Friday, but would also like to know any other locations... thanks guys!!

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  1. I believe he is at the Sundays West LA Farmers market on Purdue and Santa Monica.

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    1. re: sugarpie

      He nor his tent is no longer at the West LA Farmers market on Purdue. :(

      Its a shame because his stuff is so unique.

      Anybody else know of his recent whereabouts?

    2. He is still at the La Cienega Farmers Market every Thursday from 3-7PM at La Cienega Blvd. & 18th Street (just 4 blocks north of the 10 freeway)

      You can find him at the west end, next to Kettle Corn and The Cheese Truck.

      1. He's at the farmers market on Larchmont, Sunday mornings.

        1. La Boulangerie owner/breadmaker Thierry Warnier was reviewed in the Best of LA Bargains 2009. All his breads are amazing! I've seen him at 2 different places - at the downtown/Little Tokyo farmers market in front of City Hall, at 1st and Spring, from 10 am - 2 pm on Thursdays. And the Echo Park farmers market on Friday afternoons from 3-7pm, located on Logan St. just south of Sunset.

          1. Monday mornings Thierry is at the FM in WeHo, Plummers Park. He is the best in LA.

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            1. re: George

              I asked Thierry about his full list of Farmer's Markets. As of now, here is his schedule:

              Thursday: City Hall

              Friday: Echo Park ; and Bank of America DownTown

              Saturday: Calabasas; and Americana Glendale

              Sunday: Larchmont; and Agora Hills; and Westlake; and Mar Vista; and Pacific Palisades

              Monday: West Hollywood.

              No markets as of now on Tuesday and Wednesday....Go find Thierry!