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Apr 18, 2008 07:20 AM

Need recommendation, Sea Bright/Long Branch


Looking for dinner recommendations for a party of 4. Open to all types of cuisine. We're coming from Upper Monmouth Co., they are coming staying in Long Branch area so they are not familiar at all with area. It would be ideal to stick to Ocean Ave along Long Branch up through Atlantic Highlands. Also, looking for moderately priced place, entrees in $20 area, nothing too fancy or too expensive.

Thank you.

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  1. Oooph. tough selection on the strip there. Lots of good views, not a ton of good eats.

    I would venture into Rumson and hit Barnacle Bill's if it were me. Very laid back atmosphere and great food if thats what your game for.

    Other selection for me would be Sallie Tee's in Monmouth Beach.

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    1. re: yankeefan

      that's what I was afraid of. not a lot of good eats that way. did a search on Bill's and keep reading it's one of the best burgers in the state!

      Been to sallie tee's for lunch, never dinner though. Found it to be enjoyable, not great, but good bang for the buck, especially with the size of those sandwiches.

    2. I'll second Sallee Tee's with the caveat that the place is better for lunch than at dinner. They do some very good deli sandwiches at lunchtime and the chicken portobello sandwich is very good too. Their Salee's burger, served with pepperjack cheese and sweet red peppers, is outstanding and is available at dinner time as well. I

      The Inlet Cafe in Highlands is quite good at lunchtime (we haven't been for dinner but mean to correct that omission.) I highly recommend the cajun chicken quesedilla sandwich. Nice views as well.

      For more serious food I recommend Bay Avenue Trattoria, also in Highlands. Very good new American fare served at attractive prices. BYO helps keep the cost down too. (You'll *definitely* need reservations. Call 3 or 4 days in advance.) While the Trattoria doesn't have a water view you can go for pre-dinner drinks at nearby Windandsea which overlooks Sandy Hook inlet. On a clear day you can see the lights of New York in the distance. (Don't be tempted to eat there - the food is adequate at best.)

      All 3 restaurants are very close to Ocean Avenue.

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      1. re: Bob Martinez

        two votes for sallie tee's.

        forgot about inlet cafe. haven't been there in a while but thought it was pretty good.

        thanks for the other recommendations. been to windansea, not really impressed with food, but nice view.

        heard good things about bay ave.


        1. re: dani0622

          I'll second Bay Avenue Trattoria - it's been on my top (5) Jersey Shore list forever. I've been there a dozen times and each and every meal was delicious. Joe and Maggie do a fantastic job with this small and well run eatery in the Highlands.

        2. re: Bob Martinez

          I had dinner at Sally tees this evening. Maybe I should have gone there for lunch instead. I never hard anything bad about this place but i expected more based upon common chatter. The menu is as big as the portions served. That didnt put me off initally, but after having my meal I was left feeling like quality lost out to quantity.

          1. re: Saint Andrews

            As I mentioned in my original post, dinner isn't their strong suit. I wouldn't call it bad, just decent. Considering that lots of places in Monmouth county charge 20% more for equivalent food that might help take some of the sting out of the memory.

            It *is* possible to have a good meal at dinner but you need to order carefully. The roast loin of pork is quite good and I'd gladly have it again. The Sallee's burger with pepper jack cheese is also available at dinner and is very good indeed. OTOH I had a chicken dish at dinner there last year which was decent but nothing more than that.

            It's a useful neighborhood restaurant. The prices are fair and it's very good at lunch and decent at dinner with some careful ordering.

        3. What about Anjelica's on Ocean Ave. in Sea Bright? BYOB

          Maybe a little more pricey, but the food is very good.

          Sallie Tee's was a great pic, too for the area.

          1. Agree with the choice of Old Bay Trattoria, great little place with a very comfortable casual atmosphere.

            Angelina also has a solid pick with Anjelica's. We have not been there in a couple of years but always enjoyed previous visits.

            Only problem I remember was the very tight table spacing for parties of two.

            1. I like Zacharys which is across from Monmouth Park Track on 36. Not much of a view but the food selection and prices are right on for what your looking for.

              McLoones Riverside.
              Wind and Sea

              I always recommend staying out of Policetrapville...(SeaBright)

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              1. re: F77

                Very good call on Zach's - underrated but the ownership can really screw things up and be rude

                Bahrs is solid, but I for one would stay far from the McLoones establishments.