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Apr 18, 2008 06:30 AM

Borough Market prices.


Tesco (frozen, excellent quality) & Waitrose: £25/Kg.

Harrods: £32/Kg

Borough: £35/Kg

Just one example of many.

I thought one of the ideas of this place was to give both the producer and consumer a better deal by missing out the middle-men. I know they've got transport/Market costs etc. but this is just too much. Anyone else think it's toppy, or am I being too harsh?

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  1. Which stall was that out of interest? I usually find the one in the middle, that also sells game, to be relatively reasonable. Having said that, I've given up on Borough. Too expensive and too crowded. I am going to the Real Food Festival at Earl's Court next weekend though - billed as the biggest farmer's market in London.

    1. You're not too harsh. The fish prices, especially, shout out 'Buyer Beware.'

      1. I wonder if it is because few people buy. Last few times I have been there it was mainly sightseers. Made it tricky to get close enough to Mons to actually buy some cheese - you have to fight through all those grazing.

        1. I suspect Borough might be a prime example, but I also reckon that places like this and farmers markets are not necessarily where you go to buy good food cheap.

          On my one visit to Borough, I was a tourist - happily grazing; happily buying the odd item to bring home. I wouldnt/couldnt afford to shop there regularly on a large scale.

          As to my local farmers market, there's something of the same pattern. Some stalls are cheap. Others, however, seem to be taking full advantage of the perhaps deeper pocket of the foody. Doesnt stop me buying - I have a deep pocket when it comes to good grub.

          1. There are several fishmongers within ten minutes walk of my house so I did a bit of a price comparison at the weekend. The new fishmonger in the "posher" area of Herne Hill was charging £35 a kilo for monkfish and £20 a kilo for salmon (farmed). My usual fishmonger, in Brixton, was charging half that amount (although the monkfish was frozen), which shows that it really is worth shopping around!

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              i guess that's true but surely frozen fish is going to be cheaper than fresh? i would hope so anyway. it's a lot harder to make sure the fish that yr selling is fresh.