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Apr 18, 2008 06:24 AM

Essential NYC eats for visitors


My husband and I will be travelling to NYC for a wedding next month. So, I am looking for the "essential eats" list. We'll be all over Manhattan doing the tourist thing but staying in Tribeca. Price is a consideration but I'm willing to splurge on one great meal. We're there for 5 days but one day is a wedding so we'll be eating the food there (at the Boathouse in Central park).

What I've figured is what to eat, I just need to know WHERE!

ONE great dining experience

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are wonderful restaurants in all price ranges, so can you be more specific about what "splurge" means to you, i.e. how much per person for food, wine, etc.? Also, what types of cuisine appeal most to you, any dislikes, and does the type of atmosphere matter?

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      Hi there, "splurge" means $100 pp, not including wine. We're not big drinkers so a great wine list isn't that important. Thanks!

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        You could have a 3-course dinner at Picholine, Cru, or Eleven Madison Park for under $100 (the 4-course at EMP is $102). These are my favorite restaurants for a special dinner.

    2. You shouldn't miss Katz's Deli (, it's a New York institution as far as deli sandwiches go...bring your appetite (I actually recommend splitting a pastrami sandwich with someone, they're HUGE!) It's old school NY...and super yummy eats!

      My favorite bagels are H&H on the upper west side (there are a few other locations in the city, but in my opinion, none as good as 80th and Broadway.)

      Sunshine Bakery ( has great cupcakes. If you're looking for a dessert and coffee experiences, try Cafe Lalo ( at 83rd and Amsterdam or Cafe Reggio ( for their coffee/ice cream concoctions (the Deliciouso is totally addictive.) If you want a special dessert experience try Serendipity (, it's been in many movies set in NY, as well as Sex & the City, etc.

      As for one great dining experience, i'm totally in love with the tasting menu at Morimoto. It'll cost you, but if you like sushi/Japanese cusine, it's totally worth it!!

      I hope this helps! Enjoy!!

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        Cafe Lao is very hit or miss dependent on what you order. Many hounds report Serendipity 3 as overrated; I'm hesitant to try given the long lines and the recent health violations.

        Mintycake, what kind of desserts/bakery are you looking for? There are TONS of them in Manhattan, and different items will stand out at different bakeries (cakes, pie, cookies, macarons, financiers, tarts, croissants, etc). Each bakery has its particular niche....

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          Hi Kathryn, thanks this is great, will help in finalising my itinerary.

        2. Some bakery suggestions with restaurants also to dine in, though Grandaisy only has benches. All are downtown.

 (Blue Ribbon Bakery -the restaurant and the bakery market, are near one another but not at the same location
          Plus Russ and Daughters for bagels and appetizers.

          1. Deli: Katz's Deli
            Steak: Peter Luger
            Pizza: Grimaldi's (one of many great pizza places...there really are too many to name)
            Dessert: Cupcake (I love Magnolia, Buttercup & Billy's, but there are tons of others)
            Bagels: Empire City Bagel