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Apr 18, 2008 06:11 AM

Matzoh Balls HELP!!!

Can I make the matzoh balls for the soup a day ahead of time? If so, how do I store them...with or without liquid?

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  1. You certainly can. Let them cool and put them in the fridge in the salted water that you cooked them in.

    Matzah balls also freeze very well for longer storage.

    1. Actually, I just made my matzoh balls, and I put them in a plastic container in the refrig with NO liquid.
      Funny, because I had asked a friend the same question you asked, and this is how she told me to do it.
      Happy Passover, and happy eating!!

      1. Yes you can, but they will lose some lightness, whether they're real matzoh balls or the matzoh dumplings some people confuse with matzoh balls. I prefer to freeze in liquid -- I think they lose less lightness but the recipe is more important.

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        1. re: Richard 16

          Could you please clarify "real" vs. dumplings - I've never heard this distinction! Are dumplings the fluffy kind you get from the boxed mixes? (I prefer the heavier kind, the 1:1:1:1 recipe...)

          1. re: truman

            Yup. The "debate" of "floaters" vs. "sinkers" is for me not a debate. Matzoh balls are dense, just floaty enouigh to rise to the surface when cooking but soon sink. They have substance. In the interests of clear communication -- and to put MHO right up front -- I call the wimpy (sorry, dumpling lovers -- I couldn't help myself...) light ones "dumplings", which is what they are. I like dumplings, but they're not matzoh balls.

        2. I cook mine in the chicken broth and then keep it in there.

          Tastes great because it absorbs a little of the broth.

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          1. re: Jennalynn

            I cook mine in salted water and then add to the hot soup when done.

          2. I make mine ahead of time in water with no salt. Store in container with no liquid. Reheat in soup. They come out great.

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            1. re: valerie

              I completely agree with Valerie. Follow her advice and you'll be very pleased.