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Apr 18, 2008 06:01 AM

Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant)/Girls' night out

Hi. I am in charge of organizing a girls dinner for four people and I think I am going to go with Hell's Kitchen (I need to find something in Midtown West). I haven't actually ever been to the restaurant, so I was looking for feedback. Is the atmosphere too loud - we want to catch up. And is it a little bit fun or nice there? We are moms so we don't get out much these days.

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  1. it's definitely a nice room and yeah, i'd say it's fun (without giving off that "amusement park for 22 year olds" vibe). my only caveat would be that it does get a bit loud (high ceilings, brick and some bartenders who hit the sound system volume button a bit heavy add to that). it's not totally over the top loud, though, so don't let that be a deal breaker.

    1. I've been to HK many times and have always enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Be warned that, depending upon where you are seated, it can be cramped. I do not find it excessively noisy. Also, they do not accept reservations after a certain hour (7:30 I believe), so there may be a wait otherwise. Recommended appetizer: Tuna Tostada. Recommended Entree: Grilled Shrimp or Crusted Tuna. Recommended Dessert: Banana Empanada. Enjoy!

      1. I, too, have been to HK many times (have close friends that live down the block.) We meet there for dinner and drinks often. I've never found it too noisy to chat, it's not terribly spacious, pending on where you get seated. Great drinks, their chocolate martini is a big hit with my girlfriends. Have fun!