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Apr 18, 2008 05:19 AM

Seeking great caterer for dinner party

Hi hounds.

Can anyone recommend a terrific caterer who could prepare and serve dinner for 10-12 in my home. The only one I know is Food glorious Food.

I've little idea how much such a thing would cost but I'm hoping I could do it for around $50 a head plus cost of server(s). Does that sound do-able or am I way off? Has anyone done this before?

Any suggestions much appreciated!


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  1. not sure if this is something she would do but karen lee might be an option. she does cooking lessons but is also a caterer. not sure on what scale she caters but her class was great. i would check her out online.

    1. i heard about an up and coming caterer . . . i think their name is Spoondance Catering. You might be able to get more information if you google them.

      1. Well... it depends.
        How many courses? $50 + ingredients + server(s)?
        If ingredients are included in the $50, your budget seems a little bit low.

        What kind of food? American, Italian, Asian?

        1. The original comment has been removed