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Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons under $30

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I am looking for very good Cabs that are ready to drink now for under $30. I was also wondering how one good get a moderate priced Cab with a vintage less than 2000.

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  1. My favorite Napa Cabs in that price range are Worthy Sophia's Cuvee and Buehler. Others to look for are Bennett Lane Maximus, Franciscan Oakville Estate, and Hess Collection.

    1. I do not know about the "earlier than 2000 vintage for under $30" stipulation, but I would say that Bill Hunt has rightfully been making a case for "the Edge" by Signerello, which I believe retails for around $19 in the US. I tried the 2005 vintage a few weeks ago and think I might buy some more this weekend.

      For a blend containing some cab sauv, Orin Swift "the Prisoner" is always a good bet. Have not yet tried 2006 but 2005 was mighty tasty.

      1. Why does it have to be Napa Valley?

        Why does it have to be prior to (older than) the 2000 vintage?

        1. 2000 vintage was horrible....2001 was great...2002 was good

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            Agreed, but I took the OP's comment ("a vintage less than 2000") to mean he was looking for wines produced PRIOR to 2000 . . . but it is an awkward way of phrasing it; perhaps you are correct.


          2. *****Montoya $15
            *****Sterling $18 (oddly I like regular Sterling better $12)
            ***Franciscan $20
            Havent tried the Charles Krug $20 but there are great reatings and a few of my frieds said it was outstanding.

            1. Thanks so far to all who have responded. I just like the Napa Cabs. My friend shared a Sterling 1999. While I have more expensive wines in my cellar I thought it was great and wondered where I could buy older vintages of moderately priced wines.

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                I tried a Honig cab last week. About $38 and really quite a bargain. It was very nice for the price.


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                  >>> I just like the Napa Cabs. <<<

                  OK, works for me!

                  The reason I was asking is that Napa "anything" tends to be more money than wines of comparable quality when grown elsewhere. So "Cabernets under $30" is a very different question than "NAPA Cabernets under $30."

                  And prior to 2000 is even harder . . . most wineries have their 2005s and some even have their 2006s out on the market already. So, if you don't mind, I think I'll ignore the vintage . . . I honestly cannot think of any vintages prior to 2000 that are a) still available, and b) under $30.

                  The following Napa Cabernets are all available under $30, and are listed alphabetically.

                  Beaulieu Vineyards - "Rutherford"
                  Charles Krug
                  Clos du Val
                  Conn Creek
                  Flora Springs
                  Folie a Deux
                  Heitz Cellars
                  Hess Estate
                  St. Clement
                  White Oak
                  William Hil


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                    At a recent tasting of the Yountville (Napa Valley) appellation, I tasted the 2005 Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon from Charles Krug. I was impressed by this wine at this price point -- about $24 -- it was lovely, especially when you consider the stunning Cabernets in the room. I don't recommend Charles Krug's other wines -- the winery has lost its way for years but a new winemaker is in place now -- so please look for the Yountville designation on the label, as well as the 2005 vintage.

                2. for pre-2000 vintages, try Hart Davis Hart, a wine merchant in Chicago that does a lot of consignment sales.

                  They have an awful lot of older Napa cabernet in stock, at many price points. Use the Advanced Search feature to specify vintage and keyword. They can probably ship to where you live

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                    True . . . but will they be UNDER $30???

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                      I think pof was asking 2 discrete questions. 1) what's a good Napa cab under $30. 2) where do I find older Napa cab that's "moderately priced" (broadly defined)

                      In any case, a small number of HDH's selections that fit the criteria *are* under $30. I don't know if they're any good though:


                  2. Folie A Deux
                    Napa Cellars

                    1. One of my very fav cabs is called Jocelyn. Their 2002 vintage was gorgeous. Super chocolate heaven. I found it by accident when hunting around the 20/20 wine shop in LA looking for 350's (I'm single). It's probably about $35 though. HIGHLY recommended...really, I think it tastes as good as a Dalla Valle.

                      1. I would be on the lookout for Sequoia Grove -- sometimes under $30.