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Apr 18, 2008 02:25 AM

Bear Naked / Other Granola in London

Hello! Moved over from New York six weeks ago and am still finding/eating my way around town. One thing I really miss about NY is my favorite granola Bear Naked (especially Heavenly Chocolate). Have been to Selfridges, Whole Foods and Waitrose in search of Bear Naked, or other similarly yummy chocolate granola to no avail. Does anyone know if Bear Naked granola can be found in London? Or other good crunchy granola (e.g. Kashi)?


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  1. Both Kashi & Bear Naked are owned by Kelloggs's. I haven't been able to find either of them here either. My husband swears he saw Kashi at a store awhile back, but of course he can't remember which one.

    1. Call "The Grocery" on Kingsland Rd. and "Food Hall" on Old St. and see if they stock it.

      1. I recently moved from New York as well and am having the same problem. They love cereals here, so branch out! Look at the labels though - they love preservatives and such as well. Good luck!

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          I guess we are all transplants from New York. :-) I disagree, however, about the love preservatives here. I've found (4 years) that there are much less of those nasties in UK food, especially bread, just to name one item. After awhile, the unfamiliar becomes the familiar... I tend to miss far less than I use to.

        2. The original comment has been removed