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Where to buy good Quiche for take-out?

DH loves the quiche at La Frite, but they don't sell whole pies. Where in the SFV or westside would you buy it to serve at a party?

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  1. Try Clementine on Ensley in Century City or Joan's On Third near the Beverly Center.

    1751 Ensley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Joan's On Third
    8436 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

      1. Josie's in Santa Monica sells their mushroom and gruyere quiche, but you have to order it in advance. It's delicious.

        1. Amandine has good quiche. If you want a whole one, I'd imagine you'd have to order it in advance.

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            Second Amandine, which has some unusual fillings in their quiches (e.g., white asparagus, cauliflower, etc.).

          2. What could be so difficult about quiche?
            Try Costco, you get two for like $10....be pefect for a party.
            (let me know how it is...I keep looking at it but too much quiche for me)

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              A plus for the CostCo quiche is that they are egg white quiches- which makes them healthier. I've gotten it a few times- it's not amazing but decent.

              I love the quiches from Susina Bakery. They are on the pricey side but very tasty. Not technically the westside though.

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                Thanks PP, I'll give them a try based on your rec.

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                  Actually I have served the Costco quiche several times at parties. I agree that they are not amazing but they are better than decent. Quite good and I never have leftovers.

              2. Clafoutis off on sunset plaza -- you can call ahead an order a whole quiche.

                1. Marie Callanders sells whole Quiche, size of a pie if I'm not mistaken

                  1. The Trader Joe quiches are really really good.

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                      Are you talking about the mini frozen ones?

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                        Trader Joe's used to sell the full-sized ones. They were quite good, were sold in the refrigerator case not frozen, and were less than $5. Unfortunately, I must have been in the minority because they stopped selling them in favor of the frozen individual serving ones or mini party packages many years ago.

                    2. The Little Next Door. Doe LPQ have them? I wonder, I know it is Belgian, not French, but still...

                      Have you asked La Frite if they'd sell you a whole one? Couldn't hurt to call!

                      Also try Marmalade, I think they'll do it.

                      Aroma on Tujunga might do it.

                      1. I can tell you where not to get one: Mimi's Cafe. I got one once for take out and it was horrible! No flavor at all.

                        1. Just had a tomato-basil-mozzarella one at a party this week and they said they bought it from Urth - who knew? I'm not an Urth Caffe fan, but it was decent quiche, very fluffy and nice.