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Apr 17, 2008 09:36 PM

Dessert Options in Twin Cities

We're in search for dessert places in the Twin Cities. We've been several times to Zeno and Cafe Latte and love them both, but its hard to think of others (and its driving us nuts). Where should we go if we're looking for nice dessert around 10 or 11 pm on a weekend. We'd prefer places in either Minneapolis or St. Paul. Sorry, Ice cream doesn't count.

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    1. re: Uisge

      yes they are very good at 112-- and the desserts across the street at saffron aren't shabby either! i am not sure whether the op wants recs for restaurants that *have* great desserts, or recs for places that are primarily dessert restaurants, open late, though. i'm at a bit of a loss if it's the latter. . .

    2. Try the bar at WA Frost on Selby in St. Paul - they have great desserts and the bar has a more relaxed (but still beautiful) atmosphere. The kitchen is open until 11:30 at the weekend and they also have a comprehensive selection of tea/coffee. We eat in the bar fairly often as the restaurant is a bit formal and it's always good.

      1. Cosmos. Excellent, excellent desserts. The Strip Club also does some nice desserts as does 20.21. If you like Cafe Latte, you'd like Turtle Bread Company. Their chocolate torte thing is among the most rich and decadent desserts I've ever had. Those are some of my favorites.