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Apr 17, 2008 07:47 PM

Wine for Roast Turkey?

I need help - my Dad was in the hospital over Christmas, so we are doing Christmas Mark Two this weekend. I have never hosted "Christmas" and I need wine recommendations. My Dad's a ummm...Mateus with turkey kind of guy, but he does like red wine most of the time. I was hoping for something a little less...low brow? And I live in Ontario, so I'm contending with the LCBO.

Can anyone suggest a favorite pairing? Given the LCBO's meagre holdings in some areas, even just a grape and country would be good. I was leaning towards a Pinot Noir...

Thoughts? Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Pinot Noir would work; so would a Cru de Beaujolais, like a Morgon or Brouilly. And so would a Zinfandel, depending upon the stuffing and other side dishes.

    1. While pinot will work, i'd prefer a syrah or zinfandel here.

      Do they still make mateus ?

      1. Had some dehlinger rose of pinot noir with Thanksgivng turkey last year and it worked very well.

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        1. re: ibstatguy

          Rosé can be a beautiful match . . . . but I wouldn't suggest Mateus.

        2. The LCBO has released some southern French roses (Cote du Rhone, Rousillon, I believe) which, as suggested above, can be a good match. Check in the Vintages section, not general listing. Or go with something fruity and juicy, like a gamay (like the Beaujolais mentioned) from Ontario or BC.

          Oh, and yes... Mateus is still being manufactured.

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          1. re: hungry_pangolin

            Pinot Noir is a good choice, I would also consider a Reisling the ones fro Alsace
            are dry and have a nice minerally taste that goes well with turkey

            1. re: mmalmad

              Complete agreement with riesling, but I inferred from the OP that red was the desired colour.