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Apr 17, 2008 07:32 PM

Toronto: yellow corn tortillas in east end?

Is there anywhere in the east end where I can get yellow corn tortillas? Frozen or fresh is fine, just not fried to a crisp a la Old El Paso.

I used to get them in Kensington, but am hoping to find a source on the east siiiiiide.

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  1. Try Sun Valley on Danforth near Carlaw.

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    1. re: currycue

      Thanks currycue, I'll look there. Do they sell other Latin American groceries?

    2. Actually, IGA on Danforth sells them now too. As for Sun Valley, it certainly doesn't specialize in Latin American food (a la Perola's), but they may have a few items. Sun Valley has very good flour tortillas (Sep's?), that are also very reasonabley priced compared to the IGA. And THAT doesn't happen very often (i.e. things costing less at Sun Valley)! In general, Sun Valley is a higher end gourmet food shop, though they have a lot of standard items as well.

      1. Went to SunValley for the first time today--I was blown away! I had always thought it was a discount grocer, and have one closer to my house, so never bothered to go in.

        They do have the yellow corn tortillas. They're at the back, southwest corner of the store in the refrigerated section (previously frozen).

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        1. re: Olivia

          Rowe Farms in Leslieville (Queen & Logan) have fresh corn tortillas made locally. They are o.k., but a little thick in spots - and I'm not sure if they need to be cooked on a griddle - I nuked them briefly and they didn't stand up to a wet filling.

          1. re: KitchenVoodoo

            Nuking tends to be not just the best for tortillas. I typically heat them up directly on the stovetop burner at a medium high temperature. You must be quick and careful, but the char marks are well worth it.

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              Hellooooo! That sounds fantastic. I'll try there next time.

          2. There is also a place on the Danforth, north side just west of Dawes road that carries decent (Chicago) tortillas. Don't know the name off hand, but this is the only fruit/veg stand on that strip and is also great find in the neighbourhood for cheap produce.