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Apr 17, 2008 07:06 PM

Brunch recommendations for East Lansing

I'm going to be in East Lansing this weekend and would love to find a fun and hip brunch place to eat on Sunday morning with my parents and husband. I'd love some recommendations from those of you who know your way around Spartan country!

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  1. Probably the "hippest" is the Travelers Club and Tuba museum in Okemos

    Service and food can be a little spotty, but the atmosphere can't be beat!

    We do have some great diner's too. Let me know if you want more info.

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      I'll take your recommendations for great breakfast places in the area. We'll be in Okemos- would love to have a nice, hearty breakfast (thick bacon, fresh potatoes-yum)or maybe just a good bagel. Anything that stands out?

    2. Always used to love Beggars Banquet for brunch back in the day.

      1. For Brunch, I think your two best choices are The State Room in East Lansing or Clara's Lansing Station in Downtown Lansing. I've had Clara's and really liked it.

        If you're just looking for breakfast, I've heard a lot of really good things about Soup to Nutz Bistro in downtown Lansing.

        In East Lansing, the last place I ate a good breakfast was O'Neil's on Grand River (formerly Jukebox Grill). I'm not much of a breakfast person. <--State Room <-- My State Room review <--Clara's Lansing Station <--Clara's Brunch Reveiw <--Clara's review <--O'Neil's <--O'Neil's Reviews <--Soup to Nutz Bistro

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        1. re: Mid Michigan Dining

          Thanks for the suggestions, MMD. Clara's looks like an interesting place, I'd like to try it for dinner sometime. "Not a breakfast person"?! You mean you haven't experienced the joy of a late, lazy breakfast -the only meal of the day where it's acceptable to eat various forms of salty, cured meats and sweet, refined carbs and still call it a meal? Pure luxury...IMHO :)

          1. re: tokyo

            I eat various fors of salty, cured meats, anytime of day....I don't need breakfast for that...