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Apr 17, 2008 06:06 PM

Chow in the Western Burbs

Would love to hear of some faves in west of Waltham...Concord, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston, Bedford. I like:
Walden Grille, Concord
51 Main Street Maynard
Acapulcos, Sudbury
Coach Grill, Wayland
Dalia's, Bedford
Little Pusan, Maynard

walden grille
Concord, MA, Concord, MA

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  1. My favorites are:

    Water Lily, Wayland - the best & freshest American Chinese I've had
    Sel de la Terre, Natick Mall
    Dairy Joy, Weston - great fried clams & onion rings

    Could you expound on Dalya's? Is there anyplace in town you could compare the food to?

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      Nothing really comparable comes to mind. Dalya's has both atmosphere and excellent food. There are generally some Mediterranean or North African specials on the menu, and the place is very relaxed, like a country estate. Their website has photos and the current seasonal menus, which change.

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        I really don't know what to compare it to. It's a one of a kind.

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        Forgot about Sel de la Terre. I hate that it's at the Mall, but I have to admit I had one of the best entrees ever there. It was a white fish (halibut or haddock) I think, with a pistachio/avacado sauce. Unbelieveable.

      3. Christopher's in Maynard and Coach Grille in Sudbury are both good and Luigi's and Lotus Blossom are both passable.

        1. Green Tea 2 in framingham - very hot and fresh chinese/seafood/dimsum
          Sichuan gourmet framningham - spicy chinese-sichuan style www.greenteaframingham.com
          Peking Tokyo - west acton - excellent takeout Chinese - i order off the chinese menu for authentic dishes http://www.pekingtokyoasianrestaurant...
          Twin Seafood - Concord - Fresh fried seafood and fish&chips for takeout www.twinseafoodofreading.com
          Dairy Joy - Weston/Hudson - excellent onion rings, fish sandwich, cant afford the $35 large ala carte clams.
          Hudson super buffet- Chinese buffet place but the chinese food isnt all that good. I like to go once in a while for the all you can eat crab legs, oysters, clams, shrimp.
          Kimballs Ice cream- Westford http://www.kimballfarm.com/
          Bamboo Chinese - Westford. I like this for the Sunday night dinner buffet. All you can eat ginger scallion lobster!
          Bedford House of Beef - Small sub place that makes great chicken kabob subs and ok fried seafood and roast beef sandwiches.
          Uncle Cheungs - Framingham. Decent northern dim sum and specialties off the purple menu
          Dominics - Waltham. Nice italian subs
          Beijing Star - waltham. Order off the chinese menu only.
          Solea Tapas - waltham. www.solearestaurant.com
          Lotus Flower/Blossom - Framingham/Sudbury - fresh americanized chinese food.
          Escargot- Marlborough - small/quirky/ thai/french place in marlborough center. Easy to miss. Excellent food though.
          SouthEast Asia - lowell. I love their spicy food and their buffet is great and cheap! I go just about every week. http://foodventure.com/Buffet.ASP

          1. It's kind of a culinary wasteland around around these parts especially for dinner. But hey, I could live on Kimball's Ice Cream without needing to twist my arm very hard to get me over there.

            Things get better as you get to Waltham and Arlington. Sel de la Terre is the only good dinner destination in my book if you don't want to drive eastward a few miles.

            For lunch, Concord has a lot of GREAT options: Cheese Shop, La Provence, Farfalle, Sally Ann's.

            1. Cast Iron Kitchen in Maynard has taken over where the Quarterdeck Restaurant used to be (the Quarterdeck retail spot still occupies the space next door). Anyway, I checked it out this week and was very pleased - nice comfort-food based menu, very reasonable prices ( $9.50 for a great burger with awesome fries) and excellent beers on tap (Allagash White, a Gearys & a Gritty's option, Magic Hat). They have done a really nice job with the space and everything coming out of the kitchen looked good. I hope they make it, it's a great neighborhood restaurant to have around. I think the waitstaff needs some polish (most of them seem young/green), but I will be back.

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                We ate at Cast Iron last night. I would agree with the statement about the staff - they are young and could use a bit of polish but are eager to please and respond quickly to any requests. I would not agree about the room - it was way too bright, with only overhead can lights and no side lights. Everyone looked a bit washed out, and there was a fair amount of squinting going on!

                The food could use a bit of attention - I had the black bean cakes which were nicely done with some sort of crust but it would have been improved with a sauce - the cake, the rice and the brussels sprouts were a bit dry. My partner had the steak frites with a shallot-cognac sauce; I'm guessing they subbed onions for shallots, and we couldn't taste the cognac for all the salt - the sauce was so salty it almost made the dish inedible. But the side veggies - sprouts and roasted asparagus - were nicely done, and they've got a nice little wine list - lots of interesting choices.

                Overall, I'd go here before I'd go to Christopher's or 51 Main, but I do wish they'd fix the lighting!

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                  Cast Iron's menu looks promising - how fancy of a place is it? Do you think I could take a well-behaved almost-2-year-old?

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                    Do they have a website with a menu posted?