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Chow in the Western Burbs

Would love to hear of some faves in west of Waltham...Concord, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston, Bedford. I like:
Walden Grille, Concord
51 Main Street Maynard
Acapulcos, Sudbury
Coach Grill, Wayland
Dalia's, Bedford
Little Pusan, Maynard

walden grille
Concord, MA, Concord, MA

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  1. My favorites are:

    Water Lily, Wayland - the best & freshest American Chinese I've had
    Sel de la Terre, Natick Mall
    Dairy Joy, Weston - great fried clams & onion rings

    Could you expound on Dalya's? Is there anyplace in town you could compare the food to?

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      Nothing really comparable comes to mind. Dalya's has both atmosphere and excellent food. There are generally some Mediterranean or North African specials on the menu, and the place is very relaxed, like a country estate. Their website has photos and the current seasonal menus, which change.

      1. re: peregrine

        I really don't know what to compare it to. It's a one of a kind.

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        Forgot about Sel de la Terre. I hate that it's at the Mall, but I have to admit I had one of the best entrees ever there. It was a white fish (halibut or haddock) I think, with a pistachio/avacado sauce. Unbelieveable.

      3. Christopher's in Maynard and Coach Grille in Sudbury are both good and Luigi's and Lotus Blossom are both passable.

        1. Green Tea 2 in framingham - very hot and fresh chinese/seafood/dimsum
          Sichuan gourmet framningham - spicy chinese-sichuan style www.greenteaframingham.com
          Peking Tokyo - west acton - excellent takeout Chinese - i order off the chinese menu for authentic dishes http://www.pekingtokyoasianrestaurant...
          Twin Seafood - Concord - Fresh fried seafood and fish&chips for takeout www.twinseafoodofreading.com
          Dairy Joy - Weston/Hudson - excellent onion rings, fish sandwich, cant afford the $35 large ala carte clams.
          Hudson super buffet- Chinese buffet place but the chinese food isnt all that good. I like to go once in a while for the all you can eat crab legs, oysters, clams, shrimp.
          Kimballs Ice cream- Westford http://www.kimballfarm.com/
          Bamboo Chinese - Westford. I like this for the Sunday night dinner buffet. All you can eat ginger scallion lobster!
          Bedford House of Beef - Small sub place that makes great chicken kabob subs and ok fried seafood and roast beef sandwiches.
          Uncle Cheungs - Framingham. Decent northern dim sum and specialties off the purple menu
          Dominics - Waltham. Nice italian subs
          Beijing Star - waltham. Order off the chinese menu only.
          Solea Tapas - waltham. www.solearestaurant.com
          Lotus Flower/Blossom - Framingham/Sudbury - fresh americanized chinese food.
          Escargot- Marlborough - small/quirky/ thai/french place in marlborough center. Easy to miss. Excellent food though.
          SouthEast Asia - lowell. I love their spicy food and their buffet is great and cheap! I go just about every week. http://foodventure.com/Buffet.ASP

          1. It's kind of a culinary wasteland around around these parts especially for dinner. But hey, I could live on Kimball's Ice Cream without needing to twist my arm very hard to get me over there.

            Things get better as you get to Waltham and Arlington. Sel de la Terre is the only good dinner destination in my book if you don't want to drive eastward a few miles.

            For lunch, Concord has a lot of GREAT options: Cheese Shop, La Provence, Farfalle, Sally Ann's.

            1. Cast Iron Kitchen in Maynard has taken over where the Quarterdeck Restaurant used to be (the Quarterdeck retail spot still occupies the space next door). Anyway, I checked it out this week and was very pleased - nice comfort-food based menu, very reasonable prices ( $9.50 for a great burger with awesome fries) and excellent beers on tap (Allagash White, a Gearys & a Gritty's option, Magic Hat). They have done a really nice job with the space and everything coming out of the kitchen looked good. I hope they make it, it's a great neighborhood restaurant to have around. I think the waitstaff needs some polish (most of them seem young/green), but I will be back.

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                We ate at Cast Iron last night. I would agree with the statement about the staff - they are young and could use a bit of polish but are eager to please and respond quickly to any requests. I would not agree about the room - it was way too bright, with only overhead can lights and no side lights. Everyone looked a bit washed out, and there was a fair amount of squinting going on!

                The food could use a bit of attention - I had the black bean cakes which were nicely done with some sort of crust but it would have been improved with a sauce - the cake, the rice and the brussels sprouts were a bit dry. My partner had the steak frites with a shallot-cognac sauce; I'm guessing they subbed onions for shallots, and we couldn't taste the cognac for all the salt - the sauce was so salty it almost made the dish inedible. But the side veggies - sprouts and roasted asparagus - were nicely done, and they've got a nice little wine list - lots of interesting choices.

                Overall, I'd go here before I'd go to Christopher's or 51 Main, but I do wish they'd fix the lighting!

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                  Cast Iron's menu looks promising - how fancy of a place is it? Do you think I could take a well-behaved almost-2-year-old?

                  1. re: MrsCheese

                    Do they have a website with a menu posted?

                2. Every now and then you can read strings in here about northwest dining, but it really doesn't ever get much better.

                  For Concord, I'm not a big fan of Walden Grille, Vincenzo's, PapaRazzi (being kind with only "not a big fan"), but the Main Street Cafe and Serafina's have some good moments.

                  Maynard, I thought the beef at Christophers was good, but not much else. 51 Main is average, Monsoon is ok, and the Thai place at the end of Nason is ok.

                  There was a string recently about Dairy Joy in Weston. I've been, and I don't get it. I thought the food there was on par with Sierra's. I wondered when they last changed the fryolator oil.

                  Sudbury, love Oishii, Fugakyu is pretty good, Sky is pretty good, Sierra's is as close to bad as I've had in a long time.

                  While I love living in this area, I mostly go elsewhere for food.

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                  1. re: musicman

                    MM, I'm definitely with you on Sierra's and DJ. I'm a fan of Walden Grille and 51 Main, but I should qualify and say that I pretty much only eat at the bar in those places and feel that they do a good job by bar standards. The cheeseburgers at WG are about as good as they get. 51 has excellent baked scrod.

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                      I'm definitely the dissenting opinion here, but I think Sierra's in Sudbury is decent. I like it much better than Acapulco's. Of course I get the same thing almost every time I go there (blackened catfish) but I had another fish special not too long ago that was good too. I like their margaritas a lot too.

                      We get takeout from Fugakyu about once a week. It's consistent.

                      For breakfast I like Babico's in Maynard. Nothing special, but they can actually cook an egg over easy, and it's becoming harder and harder to find a place that is capable of performing what should be such a simple task. Plus they have good coffee.

                      Never had Dairy Joy clams (scared off by the prices), but missing fried whole clams lately since we live so far from Moulton's now. Went to Halfway Cafe in Marlborough last night and the clams were great. We'll see if that's consistent, or if I just got lucky. I think the rest of the food at HC is pretty bad.

                      We're practically regulars at Hudson Super Buffet (go for the seafood). I should probably be embarrassed to be a regular at a buffet.

                      Red Pepper in Sudbury for Thai is pretty tasty. Not particularly authentic, but the food always tastes fresh and good. Never had a disappointing meal there.

                      Love Green Tea 2 in Framingham for dim sum (never tried their dinner menu).

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                        I should say, the two or three times I went to Sierras I had the Mexican entrees. Maybe the fish is good. The Mexican food is like nothing I've had elsewhere and, to me at least, not very good. I recall the enchilladas having a distinctly black pepper flavor. I like black pepper, but it's not Mexican.

                    2. For anyone closer to the Maynard/Stow area, take 62 the other direction into Hudson. You can get a nice meal at Chloe's and Sophia's.

                      Chloe An American Bistro
                      23 Main Street, Hudson, MA 01749

                      Sofia Ristorante
                      158 Main St, Hudson, MA

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                        I have had good breakfasts at Babico's in Maynard, but the best place to go for a breakfast is The Boston Bean House. They have excellent coffee and the best breakfast sandwiches. I highly recommend the Wild West (ham, egg, provolone, red onion and roasted red pepper). Delicious!

                        I am surprised by the comments I read on this site about Sierra's. I really enjoy the fajitas there. I lived in San Diego for a few years and they remind me of the fajitas I would have there.

                        1. re: Marsala

                          Where is the Boston Bean House? I'd like to try it.

                          Our new fave for breakfast is J&M Diner in Framingham. May be a little more of a drive depending on where in the western burbs people are coming from, but totally worth it.

                      2. Had dinner tonight at the Cast Iron Kitchen in Maynard. In short it was killer. Nice cozy ambiance. Friendly waitstaff. Chilpotle Squash soup was outstanding. My wife had the Tuna Steak and I had the Short Ribs; both were as good as I've had and the presentation was gorgeous. We split a fruit tart for dessert; it was out of the ordinary with a balsamic based sauce...fresh, subtle and delicious. And all reasonably priced with parking out front.

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                        1. re: podence

                          I've been thinking about trying this place - thanks for the review. I asked about it on a different thread and didn't get a response... how fancy of a place is it? Do you think we could take a well-behaved 2-year-old? Does it have white tablecloths (my litmus test for whether a kid would be welcome)? Any info would be appreciated. I tried looking them up online but they didn't have any pictures.

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                            Duh, it was this thread. My memory is going.

                            1. re: MrsCheese

                              Kids would be fine at Cast Iron.

                              I was back there on Friday night. I MUST force myself to order something other than a burger - but they are yummy there! Was a little bummed they got rid of Allagash White and the Whales Tail. The bartender working on Friday nights is super nice - remembered me and my sister from a couple weeks ago, right down to our burger temps.

                              1. re: Angel Food

                                I tried the burger. It was good, but I wasn't blown away. I've definitely prefered other entrees. The Chilotle Squash soup was outstanding.

                              2. re: MrsCheese

                                It think it's fine for a 2 year old. It's not fancy per se; it's more bar like. I doubt they have a kids menu, however, and I did note that there was nothing on the menu to cater to kids, so byo kid food. My picky eater daughter can always be shut up with chicken fingers and a green salad, but would not have found anything like that on the CIK menu.

                                  1. re: Angel Food

                                    Good point, and Spagetti Bolognese, but I'll bet both are too good for kids. Glad to hear the burgers are good. I'll try one next time; you can try my short ribs!

                                    1. re: podence

                                      Thanks for the info. "Too good for kids" made me laugh - we've nicknamed our 2yo "the gourmet diner". She would definitely eat there - I was more worried about getting the hairy eyeball for bringing a kid.

                                      1. re: MrsCheese

                                        We brought our 5 year old there last week - no hairy eyeballs. There were at least 2 other table with kids at around 7:30 on a Sunday nite. They did a kid-sized portion of the regular mac and cheese. I loved my black bean cake - crunchy on the outside and delish. For the 3 of us it was under $50, with drinks. Pretty good! Will return most definitely.

                              3. re: podence

                                Cast Iron Kitchen does have a kids menu -- you just need to ask for it.
                                In the interest of full disclosure, I should advise that I am affiliated with the restaurant (I manage the wine list).

                                1. re: cornstuff

                                  That is really weird - we specifically asked the waitress if they had a children's menu and she said no, but they could do a kid-size portion of most items on the menu. I'll ask again next time.

                                2. re: podence

                                  Went to CIK for the third time tonight and I keep being more impressed every time I'm more impressed. Went with small dishes tonight and they were across the board outstanding: Taquitos, Tuna Tartar, Sloppy Joes, Spicy Fries. Add a couple of salads for two people...really good.

                                  1. re: podence

                                    Went to CIK for the second time over the weekend and we were less impressed. The taquitos, as podence mentioned, were just great but it was all downhill from there. The romaine and asagio salad was almost too salty to eat, the short ribs were hot on the edges but room temp by the bone with no color difference so they had obviously been re-heated, and the mac-and-cheese was all noodles and breadcrumbs - I couldn't see or taste any cheese in the dish. I sent that back and got a pretty good fettucine alfredo in its place. The staff was very accommodating, but we're not going back. There are other places in the area that are better.

                                3. There is great food in Concord at Serafina's. Try the bar menu. Fabulous. I have eaten there since they opened and have never had a disappointing meal.

                                  Also, no one mentioned Bullfinch's in Sudbury. Outstanding and a hidden gem.

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                                    Had a nice Mother's Day brunch at Serafina, my first time there. Made me want to go back and sit at that nice bar and try the bar menu, for sure.

                                    1. re: Angel Food

                                      Someone asked about Boston Bean Company whereabouts - it's at 1 Nason Street right in downtown Maynard (no website). I've never had breakfast there but I have lunch on a regular basis and it's a great little place. FYI, they have NO restrooms, although the pizza place across the street is fairly accommodating. They are moving to a new location sometime this summer, across the street and with a bathroom apparently. And they don't do dinner.

                                      We recently had dinner at Blue Coyote in Maynard, at the bar, and had a good burger and really good steak tips. The bartenders were attentive and the atmosphere was laid-back and local. We'll definitely go back.

                                  2. In down town Maynard a new sub shop openned up-Willys Phillys- the subs and onion rings are very good--not cheap! I thought okay another sub place in Maynard-but it is very good and a little different!

                                    1. I tried CIK in Maynard this past Friday night and my experience was quite similar to some of the other CHers. I thought the food was pretty good--quite good in some cases--but the decor is off-putting and the service untrained and clumsy at best. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are substantial. I liked little touches like the warm pistachios before the meal came and the little conversation starter cards at each table. We ordered several starters: the tuna tartare on panko-breaded nori crisps. the fried baby artichokes, shrimp with garlic and butternut squash and chipotle soup. The first three were terrific but I thought the soup was disappointing. First of all, wrong season! Second, tasted a lot like pumpkin pie filling without any of the smokey spiciness that chipotle should have brought. We shared an order of the steak frites and after the first order came out while we were eating appetizers (sent back), we received a brand new plate with hot, crisp hand-cut fries and perfectly cooked flat iron steak. I thought the shallot, mustard sauce was spot on. I just returned from a trip to Paris where I had several versions of steak frites that didn't compare. Desserts are not a strong point, don't bother. We tried the chocolate lava cake and it was completely forgettable. Wine list is interesting and very reasonably priced. Lots of convenient on street parking. For those in the western burbs--Concord, Acton, Sudbury, Framingham, Weston, Wayland, Stowe--it's well worth a visit.

                                      1. We were regulars at the Quarterdeck so decided to give Cast Iron Kitchen a try. The decor is unchanged, but everything else is new. We loved the menu - strong Tapas (small plates), creative salads, and great beer and wine list. The bartender sent over a nice sample of a few beers and we started with the Fried Artichoke Hearts - nice starter with a pleasant Aioli sauce. Unfortunately it went down hill from there. The Sizzling Shrimp Tapas was made with "boiled", water-logged shrimp that I think had been stir-fried last second in a garlic sauce. Fresh, raw shrimp - quickly sauteed would have prevented this travesty. My husband's Chili was good, the Romaine Salad - just average.

                                        This place has potential. The menu is really fresh, creative and fun. They source their meats from Northeast Family Farms, and use Free-range Chickens. I think they need to follow through with "fresh" preparations. Lay off the pepper and salt (lighter touch - please) and work to make their food as fresh and exciting as their menu. Next time we will eat at the Bar (great bartender), sample some of their great beers and give their tapas another try.

                                        Cast Iron Kitchen
                                        177 Main Street, Maynard, MA 01754

                                        1. We went back to 51 Main this weekend and it's still a bit erratic. The wine list has some interesting half-bottles on it, something we usually doesn't see in the burbs but we couldn't get the bartender to take our order and there were only a half-dozen people at the bar. He was very focused on unloading boxes of beer into the cooler!

                                          The hostess graciously accommodated our request to decline a table right near the kitchen and wait for a booth that was ready to become vacant. The waitress was efficient but not friendly, and the bacon-wrapped scallops were just great, as always.

                                          My partner's lamb chop was stunningly good, thick and cooked exactly right, but it was covered with a super-sweet apple cinnamon sauce, right out of a jar. He scraped off the sauce and enjoyed the chop very much.

                                          The lowlight of the evening was the chicken marsala over pasta. The marsala sauce was also right out of the can/jar/bag. It was slick and shiny the way processed sauces are, and had just the barest chemical hint of marsala. Marsala sauce is cheap and easy to make from scratch, and can sit without breaking; why can't they make the real thing? The inconsistencies of the restaurants in the western burbs drive me crazy!

                                          1. If you're talking out west, then it's Tomasso Trattoria for me...fresh, fresh, fresh...try the soppresata pizza...some people dream in color, I dream in soppresata. But the best part is that they have this market next door (Panzano), and you can pick up the best cheeses, wine, bread, and prepared foods...I can't talk about it anymore; I'm getting too hungry...gotta go, but take my advice...

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                                              1. re: southie

                                                Tomasso is on rte. 9 in Southborough just before rte. 85 as you head west. From the Pike, get off at exit 12 and follow 9 West for a couple of miles. It's in a small plaza on your left across from the reservoir.

                                                Tomasso Trattoria
                                                154 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA 01772

                                            1. Our favorites, belated, but there are some relatively recent posts...

                                              Belle's Bistro, Westford
                                              Chloe's Bistro, Hudson
                                              Haven't been to Dalya's (Bedford) in a while, but enjoyed it. (Did our rehearsal dinner there.)

                                              Christopher's isn't on our go-back-in-a-hurry list. Nor is 51 Main (both Maynard).

                                              Places we've gone with both sets of out-of-state parents and our kids, but not for, say, our anniversary:
                                              Il Forno (Acton) and Atlantic Sea Grill (Acton).

                                              Belle's Bistro
                                              2 Power Rd, Westford, MA 01886

                                              1. I live in Sudbury. If we're in the mood for a good but not fancy dinner, we typically head over to Maynard, to Blue Coyote. Way above average pub food and a good beer selection. You *must* try their pork bbq quesadillas!

                                                We also like Monsoon a lot. Finding a great Indian place is hard in the Boston area, but Monsoon is pretty good.

                                                For Mexican we like Acapulco, which seems to attract a fair number of Hispanic eaters, so I assume it's kind of authentic but who knows... We live in walking distance to Sierra's on Rt 177, but the only reason I would go there is the Margaritas, the food is awful.

                                                Bullfinch on Rt 20 is quite good too and has a nice atmosphere but in my mind a bit pricey relative to the quality of the food.

                                                Arguably the best dinner you can get in Sudbury is at the two Japanese restaurants, Fugakyu and Oiishii Two. I don't see much difference in quality between the two but I like the decor of Fugakyu better, and it is a bit less pricey. Fugakyu is our favorite lunch place.

                                                Another Asian restaurant in Sudbury I can recommend is Sweet Pepper, the Thai restaurant on Rt 20. It used to be our favorite place in Sudbury but for a couple of years the quality of the food had gone down south. A couple of months we went back and were surprised that it was back to the previous standards. Will try it again.

                                                Stay away from Lotus Blossom. It was great when we moved to Sudbury 12 years ago but those days are long gone. Greasy, westernized Chinese.

                                                Other places in the Metrowest area we like:
                                                - Chloe's Bisto in Hudson. Never had a bad meal there.
                                                - Lumiere in Newton. The best high end French outside of Boston (of course can't hold the candle to L'Espalier)
                                                - Sel de la Terre at the Natick Mall. Great Mediterranean
                                                - Dalya's in Bedford. Nice decor in the main downstairs dining area, bland in the upstairs rooms
                                                - Aegean in Framingham. There is no authentic, upscale Greek in the Boston area, this place is reasonably close, and they have Retsina!
                                                - Last week, we tried Not Your Average Joe on Rt 27 in Acton and were pleasantly surprised.

                                                I know I am going to be blasted for it, but if you have kids, the place to go is Bugaboo Creek in Framingham. Just relax, go with the flow, have a large ice-cold beer, and the talking animals don't seem so bad anymore. Plus, compared to other, way more expensive steakhouse chains, the food there is actually surprisingly good.

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                                                1. re: mix579

                                                  Can't believe I forgot Bullfinch's (Sudbury) in my above post -- I knew I was missing something.

                                                  We also very much enjoyed Gibbet Hill Grill (Groton) last weekend, but now I'm outside 495. It was an excellent anniversary dinner, and should also work with the inlaws and kids.

                                                2. Can't really go wrong with any place on Moody St in Waltham, here are some of favs in the neighborhood:

                                                  Erawan of Siam
                                                  Tuscan Grill
                                                  Sadies - great bar food
                                                  Guanachapi's (River St Location, better than Moody) - great real Mexican/C.A. food
                                                  La Campagnia

                                                  The only thing we are really missing here is a GREAT Chinese place, but you can go to Rice Valley, one town over!

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                                                  1. re: LovesFoieGras

                                                    Have you tried Beijing Star in Waltham? I think their authentic (pink) menu has some outstanding choices. I'd skip their regular (Americanized Chinese) menu.

                                                  2. Had dinner at La Campania in Waltham last night. Solid as usual. Great food, served in a casual country Italian atmosphere... excellent caring service... and a fine, almost exclusively Italian, wine list. I can't think of a place anywhere in the area that matches up. Boston pricing, but they deliver on every level.

                                                    Also, like the Coach Grill in Wayland. Straight forward steak house and they do a nice job... although haven't been there in a while.

                                                    1. There are a few outstanding (and pricy restaurants) west of Boston. The best would be a tossup between Maxwells148(Natick), La Campania(Waltham), followed closely by Il Capriccio(Waltham) and Lumiere(Newton)...they are all excellent fine dining experiences

                                                      Dalya in Bedford is great...middle east and Mediteranean...Have not gone to Sel dela terre in Natick,,,the one by the water in Boston is a culinary marvel. Scutra in Arlington is pretty good too(Flemish or Belgium...like french country).

                                                      Some excellent, less pricy places:
                                                      La Buena Vita in Arlington( great Sauces and different variety)
                                                      Zocalo in Arlington( The best Mexican food...the usual enchiladas but try the stuffed poblanos for a different treat, especiually with Mole)
                                                      Great Wall in Bedford has good specials every day but most people get the buffet
                                                      Luigi in Bedford a real value...get the mussels appetizer and you cant beat their wine prices
                                                      Not Your average Joes in Lexington(they do most sandwiches salads and pizza well and have incredibly tender fried calimari- I hate chains(well the idea of chains ...but I like Legal and Mccormick and schmicks and some of the steak houses)
                                                      Gingers in Bedford has nice Japanese and pretty reasonable.
                                                      I like the Burgers and salads at the Forge Room with jazz in the colonial Inn in concord...

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                                                      1. re: chassroc

                                                        Had one of my favorite entres ever at Sel de la Terre (haddock with avocado/pistachio sauce), but I can't get beyond its mall location.

                                                      2. We had dinner last night at Serafina in Concord, and as usual it was uneven. The sea scallops with butternut squash risotto were well-done to overcooked, which works for me but probably wouldn't for most. The squash in the risotto was not cooked enough; the grainy squash texture was jarring compared to the creaminess of the risotto. My husband's sirloin was really grisly, and the accompanying mushrooms tasted vinegary.

                                                        My biggest complaint at Serafina's is the service. The young hostess looked and acted like she wanted to be anywhere else but at the restaurant, and our waitress was brusque to the point of unprofessional. The odd thing is that the women working the packed (as always) bar go out of their way to be friendly and accommodating, so pretty much all other staff suffer in comparison.

                                                        They ought to expand the bar in that place. Every time we go, there's barely room to stand in the bar, and the dining room is two-thirds empty, and no one ever seems to leave the bar to go to a table!

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                                                        1. re: Valyn

                                                          The Serafina owner's (who also own Sierra's, a lousy IMHO Mexican place in Sudbury) are opening a place to be called Madison's in Lincoln next month. We'll hope they do better.

                                                          1. re: podence

                                                            I have tried Sierra's twice. Once several years ago and again a couple months ago to give it another shot. Perhaps the worst meal i have ever had.. Great drinks though.

                                                            1. re: hargau

                                                              Any time a Mexican restaurant is forced to slather food with huge gobs of cheese you know there's not a whole lot going on in the creativity department back in the kitchen. It's too bad because Sierra's has a good feel to it and as you so well mentioned, the drinks are great. Curious what they'll do with the new Lincoln place....I'm assuming it will ba heavy on melted cheese entree's ? :)

                                                        2. Call me crazy, but I quite enjoyed Joe's American B&G in Framingham last night. The meatloaf was outstanding, and the bite of cod I tried was terrific as well.

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                                                          1. re: podence

                                                            OK, I'll bite. You're crazy! : )

                                                            1. re: podence

                                                              Podence, I don't think you're crazy. Joe's does a couple of things really well, including their burgers, meatloaf and steak tips. Would I call it fine-dining? No way, but it's a great place for a weekend lunch.

                                                              1. re: Valyn

                                                                Thanks for that. Whew! Yes, I saw some burgers go by and they looked terrific.