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Apr 17, 2008 06:01 PM

Richmond Happy Hour?

Looking for a place to host a happy hour for my husband's work. Starting 4:30. Likely 30ish people so it needs to be pretty big. Would love good specials and decent apps to choose from. Would prefer NOT to do a separate room unless you can really mingle. Probably prefer the fan.

As someone who never does happy hour I am out of my element. Thanks for advice!

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  1. Not first hand experience, but a vendor of ours just did something like this at Richbrau for coworkers of mine - about the same amount of people and they all really enjoyed it. My company ususally does this sort of thing in-house so I haven't done it much either.

    Seems like Europa would have the space and decent apps. I'm sure you'll get lots of other responses. Good luck!

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      I know they have usually done Cap Ale House Innsbrook - big hit with half the group who lives in west end, not so much the rest who lives further in town. So we're trying to branch out the locales and attract a different group. Or just more! Good for morale and all. Thanks. All help appreciated!

      Those two are helpful if we go as far as the slip. While not amazing, I've certainly had decent food at Europa and the atmosphere is nice.

    2. I hate to confess that I know more about this than I should but I have seen many groups come into Can Can for a happy hour. You can claim some space around the bar. 30 people would be a large group but they have weekly wine tastings which is certainly attended by more than 30 people. From 5-6, there may be happy hour price drinks too. The staff is very accommodating and they setting is upscale but casual.

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