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Apr 17, 2008 05:25 PM

Three Nights in Waikiki! Help!

Okay, so I'm here on work, and I'm staying in a Hyatt, but that doesn't mean I want to eat in the hotel. Can anyone point a guy to some great eats? Not worried about price, though upscale isn't the point; good food is the point. I'd love an honest piece of grilled fish, a sushi restaurant to die for ... thoughts? I do have a car.

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  1. There are quite a few threads discussing various types of restaurants both in Waikiki and Honolulu/Oahu that have been posted over the past few months.

    Check out some of these threads (in no particular order):

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    (cheap eats Honolulu)
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    (Best Fish)

    There is a "new" sushi restaurant in Waikiki... Nobu's I believe which has gotten some very fine reviews, but it is pricey - even by Waikiki standards. There is a Todai in Waikiki as well, but I can't say that it is sushi to die for. Mitch's near the airport has gained some notice lately, check on the hours.

    For a good value on fresh fish, I really recommend Nico's. Very casual, close early... make it a late lunch.
    Hope these threads help!

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      I see that CH has lost my post, in response to yours - yet again.

      I would second your Todai rec., though I've never been there. Last trip, it made an impression on me, as we walked past it almost every night. I marveled at the shear size of the space. It was empty during the day, however filled completely, come the evening. Most of the clients appeared to be Oriental, and all seemed to be happily dining there. An outlet opened in PHX, some years back, and lasted about six months, if that. In Waikiki, it seems to do a much, much better business.

      I WILL second Nico's Pier 39. Based on reviews on this board, we added it as a late lunch, prior to flying home. It was very good, and more than fairly priced. Wife's ahi was in the top 90% of all she's ever shared with me, and the price was probably the lowest in a decade. My "Hawaiian Fish N Chips" was not up to par, as the mahi did not seem to be anywhere near as fresh as her ahi. I'll definitely dine there again, next O`ahu trip, but will get the ahi, even though wife will too.

      Thanks for your posts and info,

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        I know the feeling on how your post can get lost here on this site. I've had mine "disappear" several times also and have shyed away from posting just because of that. Makes you wonder at times?
        Was just in the islands last week and usually stop at that Todai's at least once but not this time. As I had mentioned before in my other posts, the Waikiki Todai is probably the best out of all in the chain including the ones in LA. Also, had one of my best meals in Chinatown at this hole-in-the-wall called Happy Noodle House on Maunakea and King Sts. for lunch. Ordered the beef stew won ton noodles while my friend ordered the fish jook. We both shared half a roast duck which was succulent and tasty. Great comfort food for a change.

        1. re: Clinton

          Thanks for the tip. Usually, if we make it to Chinatown, other than a lei-trip to Sweetheart's for the wife, it's to Indigo. Will keep Happy Noodle House in mind.

          Still have to make it to Sidestreet, so I am behind on the curve.

          As for the posts, I've mentioned it to the MODs, but they say that it's not them, but me. Oh well, for any post over a few lines, I now do a wordprocessing document and Copy/Paste, so I do not have to re-type it all. This started happening to me about 9 mos. back, and has not gotten any better. When the sale happened, it seemed that half of my posts disappeared. Oh well, it only costs me a few hours of re-typing time. Maybe I could complete my scheduled reviews, if I did not have to redo so much.


    2. Hope this isn't too late ... we just came from a week in Waikiki and are now on the Big Island. Just last night my husband and I talked about our most memorable meals (in our lifetime) and came to the conclusion we are never disappointed at Roy's. There is a Roy's in Waikiki and Hawai'i Kai (and @ Ko'Olina but that is too far for you). Ono (delicious) seafood. There were also some very good elements about our dinner at Chai's Island Bistro in the Aloha Tower (recommend a sauteed escargot & prawns dish for appetizer and the Lobster and Crab Meat Risotto for an entree. Steer clear of the mahimahi. The sauce was uninspiring (and remarkably like the dipping sauce they serve with the bread to start the meal--and probably is the same). It comes on a bed of soba noodles and is served with a bowl of rice. If I were them I'd forget the soba noodles and just serve the rice. But I digress. Those were our favorites. Enjoy--

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        My husband and I are moving to Oahu in a few months -- he has been there at least 40 times and its our dream come true. I am beyond happy there is an active Chowhound board! I participate in my local one now (Rhode Island) and can't wait to try all that Oahu has to offer! Thanks for the list KaimukiMan, what a treasure trove!

      2. Check with your consierge...anywhere Alan Wong runs the kitchen will be superb.

        1. Is Alan Wong's place really the Number One choice to go to for an unforgettable dinner? I'm in Honolulu a lot, but never going to super-nice places. I'm going over my birthday and am trying to decide where to go for a romantic birthday dinner for 2! Any other suggestions? or is AW the place? (I'm staying in Sans Souci btw, and I have transport).

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          1. re: mewyoo

            Many people think it's a toss up between AW and Chef Mavro's for best upscale dining. I've had wonderful meals at both.

            Quite a few places aren't as fancy but have memorable food...12th Street Grill and Town come to mind.

            Then there's Side Street Inn, the fun hole-in-the wall that all the other chefs go to when their places close.

            1. re: mewyoo

              I know him as a chef, I don't know about his restaurant on Oahu. I have eaten several times at the Mauna Lani on the big island when he was the chef there. You might try posting on the Trip Advisor board and search Oahu. You could email for advice from the concierge at Sans Souci. Sorry, not to be more help.

              1. re: mewyoo

                In my opinion, AW's King St restaurant is still the best dining on O`ahu. I have made it my go-to spot, and have included it on every trip, except one, from the day that it opened. One trip that I missed, found me sick in bed, unable to dine anywhere. Other restaurants are very good, but after a dozen, or so, excursions to King St., I hold it up as the paradigm of contemporary Hawaiian dining. Only caveat that I must offer is that I am a Mainlander, so my knowledge of all Hawaiian cuisine is limited. However, we do get to Hawaii at least once per year, and often more. We always throw in a few days on O`ahu, just for the dining. Most of our dining is in the realm of "fine-dining," but I do not discount the less-expensive spots, as we try these, on a limited basis - depending on our time.