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Apr 17, 2008 05:20 PM

Comme Ca - Perceptor's Report

finally got the chance to check out David Myers' Comme Ca on Melrose across from Lucques... i really liked the decor of this place and i thought the service was excellent with really friendly staff... les talk food... the appetizers were great.. you cant go wrong with unhealthy items like bone marrow, sweetbread and flambee with lardons (fat bacon).. all yummy.. we also got the moules frites from the appetizer section but there were some not so fresh mussels in the order :-( onto main entrees, pork belly was great (when is pork belly not great??) but my steak frites was not so good... the steak was alittle too "fridgy" for my taste... been camping out in the fridge too long...

Enjoy the photo report -

- Perceptor

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  1. Thanks for the great photo report. The pork belly looked wonderful and the little pizza with the lardons and carmelized onions also got my saliva glands working overtime. Finally, the photos of the menu were fantastic (g). I guess getting there early and having such a light, bright interior really makes for perfect "shooting" conditions.

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      oh yes... gotta love 6:00pm reservations...

      1. Even though my visit was in January, I still drool when I think of the tarte flambee...

        On my visit - the mains were disappointing on my visit. WAY oversalted fish (I had the skate)...

        I sat in one of the 2-tops by the main entry -- very cramped and loud.... their speciality drinks were tiny and pricey... but I'd go back in a second for the tarte flambee!

        1. Wonderful pictures! What camera do you use?

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          1. Very delicious looking pictures! Can't wait to check out their cocktails & that wonderfully cheesy french onion soup!


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              When I last went to Comme Ca and got the onion soup, I was pretty disappointed. Yes, there was tons of cheese but hardly any onion under the tent of gruyere, just broth. Still, I enjoy Comme Ca enough.