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Apr 17, 2008 05:08 PM

dinner in Wheaton

I'm looking for a place for dinner before a concert at Wheaton College on Saturday night? Any recommendations?

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  1. One of our favorites is Luong Loi on Main Street for vietnamese. We could (and have) made a complete meal just out of their fresh spring rolls and vietnamese pancake. It's also a BYO if you care to indulge.

    There's also an Emilio's Tapas on Front Street. Have been to The Bank on Front Street, but wasn't terribly impressed. The atmosphere is very comfy though.

    The Wine Cellar has a very nice environment... the food is quite good, but skimpy portions and a little on the expensive side.

    I know there's a few more that we've not been to, but I'll leave that to someone else!

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      I think wineaux might be thinking of cellar bistro. It's at the corner of hale and front streets (so you could walk to wheaton college if it is nice out). i was there last week and had a great meal, but agree with wineaux that it is a little expensive for the size of the portions. you could also try honey in glen ellyn; they have really refined their menu over the last few months.

      1. re: lp veg

        Thanks for the correction on the Cellar Bistro. As I was writing it, I thought to myself that it didn't sound right.

        Good shot on Honey.... I didn't even think of that!! Great food, service and reasonably priced wine & beer.

    2. If you're at all into wines, Cellar Bistro, (which is a WINE bar,) has a very disappointing, pedestrian wine selection. (By pedestrian, I mean a pedestrian could walk into the Jewel and find most of their wines.) Their food is fairly decent, however.

      For great wine, and food that is just as good, visit Suzette's Creperie around the corner, on Front St. Their wine list is all French, quite extensive, and quite good.

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        Suzette's is a good recommendation. I would also recommend Adelles, which is near the College Ave train station.