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Apr 17, 2008 04:59 PM

Review: Siam I AM , A Breath Of Fresh Air in Redondo Beach!

Noticed the lunch special sign posted outside this immaculate, small Thai restaurant on P.C.H just north of Torrance Blvd. I was so happy that I followed my instinct to try this new place. My first lunch special was the yellow curry(Kang Karee) with chicken. I ordered it spicy Thai style with brown rice, and was rewarded with an absolutely delicious plate of authentic Thai food that also included a small salad.

On my second visit I tried the eggplant with chicken (also spicy thai style) that included bell peppers, basil leaves and onions. This was as good or even better than the previous curry dish. The sauce was an original flavor that I hadn't experienced before. 10 lunch specials are mostly priced at $4.95 and served from 11 to 3pm.

They're open till 9pm, closed on Mondays and offer free delivery.

Siam I Am
215 So. P C H.
Redondo Beach Ca
310 374-7202

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