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Apr 17, 2008 04:29 PM

Robin Hood

I noticed from its website that this pub restaurant offers a $12.50 prime rib & yorkshire pudding Sunday dinner. Has anyone tried? How is it? What about other dinner options there? Thanks!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Robin Hood, but I have to say the roast and Yorkshire pudding were a bit disappointing. The Yorkshire pudding tasted like it had been pre-made and then warmed up or held under a heat lamp. It was a bit dry and stale. The roast was a little overdone too. I highly recommend going for the F.E.B., though. They have the best bangers in town. Fish and chips is also good.

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      I used to be a fan, avoid the fish n chips, the portions now are 1/2 of what you used to get, I spoke to the waitress and she said the owners are trying to save money, quite sad....

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        As a former west-sider and new to the valley, I wanted learn where one could enjoy tasty fish n' chips in my new turf. We did go to Robin Hood---and perhaps it was an off night, as can happen anywhere. We just felt that our dinner was mediocre at best. Haven't been back since.

    2. My fiance used to live a couple of blocks from here, but since we moved in together we've only been infrequently in the past two years. We only hit up the Robin Hood when we take our cars in to be serviced in the Valley. I think the last time we went was six months ago (when I got the roast and Yorkshire pudding, and incidentally I sprained my ankle that day... I think it was all related... too many pints), so I can't attest to a quality decline in recent days. I'd definitely recommend getting the FEB or the bangers and mash (anything involving bangers, really). I think they deep-fry them... whatever they do, they're far superior to what I've had at other pubs in town (Cat & Fiddle, Fox & Hounds, Kings Head, etc.) Don't let them pawn off that A-1 steak sauce on you, either. They try to do that. Specify HP sauce, and a side of English mustard.

      Fish and chips are a little tempura-like -- not what I was used to, having lived in London, but still tasty. Anyplace that serves mushy peas is A-OK with me, though.

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        Thanks to all for the input. I'll have to check it out. Also, what is FEB?

        1. re: archer

          Probably Full English Breakfast

      2. The specials are usually good. I love the steak and kidney pie and my husband loves the curry pie. WE both adore the dessert with the sponge cake soaked in lyle's golden syrup and bathed in oodles of warm bird's custard.

        Truth be told, though, I haven't eaten there in a year.

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          I go there for trivia nights and always have a great meal. I agree with Diana about the steak and kidney pie, really delicious.

        2. Does anyone know how late their kitchen stays open? It sounds like a good place for a late meal (?)

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