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best beach breakfast in san diego?


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      1. Pipes in Cardiff, and if you have room after a breakfast burrito waddle over to VG Donuts.

        1. Pipes, Honey's, Swamis, Konos or the Seaside Cantina - which is on the boardwalk in PB - http://www.isabelscantina.com/seaside...

          1. Isable's Cantina is in Pacific Beach. 1/4 block west of Cass on Feldspar. Doesn't have a view but does have very good food. If you like coconut the Coconut French Toast is excellent.

            For a view the Pier Cafe about 2/3 of the way out the OB pier does okay. Food is okay to decent (i.e. would never set the world on fire). The breakfast burrito is actually very good, their vaunted mango pancakes...not so much. You get a view 2 ways, of the ocean and of the shore.

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              I 3rd Isabel's Cantina. Went to Kono's a long time ago and remember food was decent, fairly priced but I got annoyed with trying not to let my dishes and silverware get blown around by the wind.

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                The Seaside Cantina, right on the sand in PB is the same company, and has some of the same menu items as Isabels - it's takeout style though, like Konos.

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                  caught your twit post this morning. lol and totally agree.

            2. I've always been partial to World Famous.

              1. Kono's, World Famous, Green Flash, Harry's Coffee Shop, Cottage and the Sea Lodge/Hotel LJ Shores.

                1. JRDN at the swanky Tower 23 hotel on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach has an excellent breakfast and a gorgeous view. I dig the wild berry French toast with Chantilly cream, and the eggs Benedict with crab cakes and citrus-mustard hollandaise;


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                  1. beach means somewhat of a view, imho...

                    jordans @ tower 23
                    seaside cantina
                    world famous
                    sea lodge (sit outside by the pool)
                    poisedon in Del Mar
                    cody's in La Jolla
                    a front window table at jose's court room in La Jolla for mexican breakfast

                    1. A lot of good recs on this topic but I still have to say that I always enjoy The Eggery in Pacific Beach. I had some delicious Huevos Rancheros there this morning and my husband enjoyed his Mexican Skillet while our friends ordered (and loved) the Apple Cinnamon pancakes. All the plates left our table wiped clean...very, very tasty indeed...

                      1. Fig Tree Cafe, 5119 Cass St. Seating under big beautiful ficus trees, surrounded by a white picket fence: Great breakfast / lunch restaurant. Organic, amazing coffee. Fresh tasting ingredients, they grow their own rosemary! Good portions, great prices! Terrific ambiance.

                        1. NAKED CAFE by a mile! If you want traditional fare, head over to The ORiginal Pancake house (NOT IHOP) and get the Bacon crisp! aaaah. Great Coffee too!