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Apr 17, 2008 04:10 PM

Vodka Watermelon Crisis (HELP!!!) [Moved from Los Angeles Area board]

I am having a birthday party tonight and had my heart set on serving vodka spiked watermelon. I've never made a vodka watermelon, and assumed it would be easy enough to make. I carved a hole in the top of my 16+ pound melon, scooped out some of the sweet, sweet flesh, stabbed the innards with a long knife, and then upended a 750ml bottle of vodka into it. A day later, the melon has absorbed almost none of the alcohol.

I'm not expecting people to start arriving until approximately 10 so there is still time to turn things around. I was thinking of making a punch or some sort of cocktail with the fruit or just cutting it up into pieces and dunking it into the alcohol. I also have some white rum in the house. I would love some suggestions, please help!!!

PS The watermelon is seedless. I know you're supposed to use the natural kind but this was all whole foods had.

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  1. You don't have much time...

    Get a large bowl, and cut a 'lid' out of the watermelon about half way up from the 'equator' of the watermelon. Discard the lid.

    Use a melon baller to scoop out as much of the meat from the melon as possible, avoiding the white pith. Put the melon balls in the large bowl and add enough vodka to cover. (Grey Goose or Absolute Citron would be nice). Chill the bowl in the freezer.

    Make a regular fruit punch, and pour it into the watermelon about 1/3 of the way up; add enough vodka to the punch to make you wince, and reserve any remaining punch in a separate container. Chill the watermelon in the back of the refridgerator.

    Just before the party starts, drain the melon balls, add them to the punch in the watermelon, and add as much reserved punch as necessary to reach just below the rim of the melon. Add a generously sized ladle.

    Happy Birthday

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        Sorry, I'm too late. For anyone else, the Mid-Western Board would be a much better place to post this...I've never seen a vodka watermelon in California, but I never went to a party (in the summer, at least) in Indiana that didn't have one.

        Anyway, I think your problem is the seedless watermelon.

        Here's a recipe I googled:

        Buy a miniature watermelon and a 375 ml bottle of vodka.
        Cut a circle in the skin of the watermelon, exposing the fruit inside.
        Open the vodka bottle. Insert the open bottle with good force into the exposed fruit. Note that this will not work in seedless watermelons.
        Let the vodka bottle sit for a while. Do this until the entire bottle has been absorbed into the fruit.
        Wait a little longer after the bottle is empty. This will ensure that the watermelon can absorb all the delicious flavoring.
        Cut the watermelon, serve and enjoy.
        Put a cork in the hole when traveling to a party.

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          This is a sweet-ass post.

          Very nice...

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            Thanks so much! It's too late now but I will definitely keep this in mind for the upcoming months (especially once the price of melons goes down!) I ended up blending the watermelon with some lime juice and vodka (and lots of sugar) and it was amazing!