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Apr 17, 2008 03:40 PM

Turtle Club and other Naples area restaurants

We'll be in Naples visiting family in a couple weeks. My MIL is saying we need to go to the Turtle Club in Naples. How is it? Any other recommendations as she is not too big on cooking herself. All cuisines are fine.

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  1. There has been lots of discussion of Naples area restaurants on this board, but I would like to add that I just had a great meal at USS Nemo on US41 on Saturday. The place was packed with lines out the door, we walked in with our reservation and the table was waiting for us. The waitress was really busy and took our orders without writing anything down. We were shocked at how quickly our food came and it was sooo good. Everyone in the group agreed it was the perfect choice. The only downside is that they only serve beer and wine. We had all wanted a cocktail, but it would not stop us from returning as the food was wonderful. I would suggest trying it, but make reservations.

    1. The Turtle Club has a great setting, right on the beach, however I feel the food is fair at best. You may want to go for a pre-dinner cocktail but then travel elsewhere for dinner. Nearby, is Bay House which has terrific food in a beautiful setting, on the Cocohatchee River. I would also recommend USS Nemo, along with Tropical Reef for seafood.

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        Thanks and I will search Naples as well!

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          We were in Naples this week and had two great meals....Lunch at Campielo (sp?) was fabulous, thay also have a very nice dinner menu...Dinner at Baeleen was over the top as far as food quality and service. I had scallops and loved them as daughter in law, son had seabass and hubby had steak. Everyone loved it. Desert was also good, lemon tart, choc cake, and the bread pudding was fabulous.. But, the best was the sunset over the Gulf. You can sit in or out and all tables have a view of the Gulf......