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Apr 17, 2008 02:01 PM

how to do potato on pizza?

Hi, I've never put potato on pizza but I'm thinking of trying it - with a garlic & olive oil base, caremelized onions and...not sure what cheese yet (suggestions?). My question is, do I need to cook the potatoes ahead of time or will it cook quickly enough? I'm thinking I would slice it really thin using a mandoline. Thanks!

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  1. cheese suggestion could be raclette.

    I don't know for sure about having them cook quickly. Easily tested I suppose. If you put in a very thin slice of potato in your oven is it tender in 5-8 min? Cooking time would be longer on the pizza but at least you'd get an idea of how long they take to cook. I imagine if they were pre-cooked they wouldn't be bad cooked again on the pizza.

    1. The potato pizzas I've had in Italy have no cheese - they are very similar to a foccaccia. The potato is sliced very thinly - I just use a very sharp knife, but of course if you have a mandoline, use it. They are overlapped like the potatoes in Pommes de terre dauphinoise, but just one layer. Paper-thin potato cooks fine in a super-hot pizza oven.

      The onion, if any, just sort of caramelises and dries out (yum!) - often this type of pizza is adorned with rosemary, like a normal foccaccia. I've never had a more elaborate pizza with potato.

      1. I haven't made this but I'd cook them first. No one wants rock-hard potatoes.

        1. I love potato, roasted garlic and rosemary on a pizza. Only sauce, a good EVOO drizzled over just before eating.

          1. how about shredding them, like when making a latke?

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              Or ... like a hash brown pizza? Awesome.