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Apr 17, 2008 01:48 PM

Boston Bars and Lounges Advice needed

I am relatively new to the Boston area. My friend is coming in for a visit this wkend. Looking for recommendations for a fun girls night out. Some place you would suggest to out-of-towners who should be in awe of Boston.

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  1. Can't guarantee that they will be awed but:

    Audubon Circle
    The Savant Project
    Eastern Standard
    Green Street
    28 Degrees
    Enormous Room

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    1. re: drewames03

      The Sox are at home this weekend (Fri night, Sat night, Sun afternoon), so Eastern Standard and Audubon could be a bit crowded. Both are a lot of fun though and I'd agree with the recommendations. If you can get a table outside at Eastern Standard (perfect for the great weather this weekend) and don't mind baseball fans, it could be a lot of fun.

      I did a girls night out recently in the South End - hit up Beehive (got in early, before the crowds), and a late dinner at Rocca. You could get Banq and/or 28 Degrees in there too with not too much walking.

      1. re: drewames03

        I would add Cuchi Cuchi, City Bar, Pho Republique. Maybe Noir and West Side Lounge. Middlesex Lounge in Central Sq. but you'll stand in line. Haven't been to Ivy in a while, is that still fun? The bar at Union is fun in an adult way.

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          1. re: garlicandeggs

            I like it. It's in Central Square. The room is not Enormous though. They serve Middle Eastern fare on a platter to share. Good music and very chill.

            1. re: garlicandeggs

              I recently went to the Enormous Room for a girls night out and had an amazing time- its our go-to place for birthdays or other nights out. Get there early to claim one of thier couch/"tier" seating areas- its definitely worth starting your night out a little early. When we go we always try to get a corner one so you can lounge for the early part of the evening and as the night progresses and people start dancing they are a perfect spot to dance on while having your coats/purses/ and drinks safetly on the windowsill or by your feet.