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Apr 17, 2008 01:06 PM

Kansas City downtown? husband and i will be visiting Kansas for the first time on our way to the College World Series. We both think seeing Kansas City would be fun and would like to stay in an area where we can walk to restaurants. Does Kansas City have an area that is very pedestrian friendly? We really have no idea where to stay, but assuming it is the Hotel Phillips, what are some good restaurants within walking distance? Price doesn't matter, and my husband hates Asian food. Not too exciting, i know, but i loooove a good soup. Other than that, anything...oh, and is there more happening on the Kansas side or the Missouri side? Thanks!

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  1. In terms of pedestrian friendly areas, you'll fare much better in Missouri than Kansas. I'd suggest either the Plaza ( or downtown - Hotel Phillips, Alladin Hotel, President Hotel are a few suggestions. The Plaza has tons of shopping and restaurants and it's just a beautiful area. Downtown is great, too, and both areas aren't too far from one another.

    1. If you stay downtown you can walk to some local places, Azul, Mango Room and the P&L District
      Personally I would prefer the Plaza area.

      1. Downtown Options:
        Stay at Hotel Phillips or the Hilton President Hotel. These are the two best hotels downtown. For dining, there are many great options that are somewhat spread out. If you want the best pedestrian experience downtown, you need to go to the Power and Light District. If you decide the P&L route, try Bristol
        ( for a more sophisticated dining experience or Chefburger for gourmet burger joint.

        But, if you're gonna stay in KC, you should at least visit the Plaza as it offers the best pedestrian experience in the city, plus it's only about a 10 minute drive from Downtown. P&L is great for dining and bars, the Plaza combines dining and shopping. There is also westport, which has plenty to offer as well and it's between Downtown and the plaza.

        For soup:
        Try Souperman (only open during lunch), downtown,
        Happy Gillis Cafe and Hangout, NE of downtown