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Apr 17, 2008 01:03 PM

Boynton Beach

Seattle hound here, going to Florida for a girls weekend next week. 6 gals from college (from all over the country) who haven't seen each other in 5 years. So we are looking for recommendations - have a car so can drive to other towns, but want to keep to 20 min-ish radius. Need recs for breakfast, outdoor eating, and cocktails! We are all turning 40 this year, so not looking for the spring break college scene - good food, fun atmosphere and one fun night out. 5 of us have never been there, so we are open to anything. Thanks!

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  1. Have I got just the place for you...Maybe a hair over 20 minutes, but it would be perfect. You can laugh, be noisy, It's outside, it's on the water , and always have entertainment.. It at the Riviera Beach marina. It is called the Waterfront Tiki Grill..
    Great food also. Not sure if they have a website, but I might see you there if you go. I am there quite often.

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      I forgot to tell you, you can wear swim suits, shorts, jeans, suits.....There will be bikers, boaters, fishermen, millionaires.Wear what you want.

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        bluedog..... Google Tiki waterfront sea grill

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          For a laid back night, try Suite 225. Very casual place with great Japanese Asian food and very innovative fun sushi dishes. Its in Lantana about 20-25 min from Boynton. Its one of my favorite spots to go when I visit family who stay in Boynton Beach for the winter. Now one of their favorites as well. Gets busy especially on for reservations. (Oh, just reread your post, and saw you were coming for the week-end... if its just the week-end, you'll probably want to go somewhere a little more lively and save this when your here longer..)Hopefully; some other hounds will have some more suggestions for you. Good luck and have fun!

          1. re: chocolate

            I will keep this on the list in case we decide we want sushi. Yes, we are only there Thursday (late) to Sunday, so just looking for outdoor seafood type places, cocktails with a view, and breakfast joints.


    2. I would consider driving 5 miles south to Delray and have dinner (outdoors) at DaDa. It's a great place to take out-of-towners on a late spring evening. Excellent food at reasonable prices. The advantage here is that you can then walk a block and you're on hip and exciting Atlantic Ave (especially over by DaDa). You'll find tons of places there for more outdoor dining, cocktails, lots of good-looking people of all ages, etc etc. On a Friday or Saturday night you can't beat this combo in my humble opinion. You'll want to make reservations at Dada. (you can search this board for "DaDa" and you'll find plenty of comments). This is NOT on the water and NOT seafood (only) but you might like it more than just going to some waterfront restaurant and getting "stuck" there.

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        I second Dada as the perfect place for a girls night out. Assuming the weather is nice, you can (and should) eat outside there. While I wouldn't characterize the food as "excellent" like CF, (it isn't bad, just nothing special; but reasonably priced), they have enough good apps that make for great sharing with a decent and fairly priced wine list and good drinks. It's all about the atmosphere there and I think that's what you will enjoy. This is my bi-monthly go to place for girls night out.

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          I will third DaDa's, food is good, great strawberry Mojitos too. then a walk to Atlantic Ave (2 mins) and all the stores are open Friday and Saturday nights till about 10p (boutiques art knickknacks etc.) and then on to Elwoods on the railroad tracks for cheap drinks and great music in a dive bar outdoor setting. Or Cabana to eat at, on Atlantic the food is Cuban and I love it. Do not miss Elwoods even just to walk past and hang on the sidewalk for 10 mins and watch the band.
          Or Lemongrass for Thai food on Atlantic.

          Then of course Kilwins for terrific ice cream open till midnight across from Elwoods about half a block east.

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            thanks guys! Sounds perfect. Any ideas for breakfast? We are coming from some chilly places, so anything outdoors would be preferred.

            1. re: bluedog67

              Luna Rosa on A1A in Delray, just across from the beach. It's next door to Boston's, something of a landmark, about 100 ft S of Atlantic Ave. Don't be tempted to go somewhere else when you get to Luna Rosa and it is crowded. There is a reason LR is crowded and the others nearby are empty. :-)

              Also the Holiday Inn (of all places) on A1A in Highland Beach has a big buffet brunch. That is about 2 miles further south and sits directly ON the beach.

              On Saturday or Sunday afternoon you night want to hit either Bostons or Two George's or Banana Boat on the Intracoastal in Boynton for some drinks and S Florida type waterfront tropical Sunday afternoon music scene. That's another can't miss "isn't this cool" thing for out-of-towners coming down after a long cold winter.

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                I agree with you CFB, there is no better place for breakfast than Luna Rosa (eggs benedict are to die for).

                Also Two Georges or Banana Boat are fun for lunch at the weekend, busy with good atmosphere, food is ok to good at both.

                Holiday Inn at Highland Beach is also a good recommendation but is a little more formal and stiff.

                1. re: smartie

                  The HI is also a good place to go for a pre-dinner drink. Can't beat sipping a cocktail and watching the sunset on the beach.

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              Jfood agrees with Smartie on Elwoods. M&M Jfood were there three weeks ago had some pretty good dinners and always finished with an ice cream at Kilwins and some live music at Elwoods. The was a small band there a few weeks ago that did some good Allman Brothers.

              Breakfast in BB is a hoot. Jfood like Flakowitz on Hagen Ranch just south of Boyton Beach Ave. Really good bagels, novey and herring in cream sauce.

        2. Hey bluedog - I'm a Seattlehound also and will be in Boynton Beach same weekend you are visiting my family.

          Boynton Beach doesn't have a whole lot of interesting dining or activities and coming from Seattle, you'll be surprised to see that many restaurants are in strip malls. That said, however, my family and I go to a Jewish style restaurant in Boynton for breakfast called Flakowitz. Nothing quite like it in Seattle. Love the corned beef hash, the bagels, all around good food. Brown water for coffee. Rude but lovable service, New York style.

          Best bet is to head into Delray Beach for fun and dining. It's only a few miles from south Boynton.

          For brekkie, I also like Luna Rosa in Delray Beach, but mainly for the location. Food is ok, service ok, but you can't beat being right across the street from the beach eating outdoors. Being a Seattle hound where breakfast RULES, I don't think you'll be wowed by the food, but it's ok. (I work at Etta's Seafood in Pike Place Market and our eggs bennies are the best!) Luna Rosa also serves lunch and dinner. Being right off A1A, you will get all the traffic noise.

          If you really want to splurge and want to dine in one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of Florida, go to Sundy House for brunch, in Delray Beach. Very pricey, all the mimosas you can drink, set in an exquisite tropical setting outdoors. Again, food is hit and miss, but you will absolutely love the atmosphere. Service has been fab every time I've been - and I've been there alot. Make a rez.

          Another of my favorite places for brekkie is John G's in Lake Worth. Across from the beach, old style Florida, HUGE portions and quite good. About 20 min drive north from Boynton. Very crowded on weekends. Brown water for coffee.

          I agree with everyone - don't miss DaDa for cocktails and apps outdoors. And also agree about Elwood for music, bbq, old Florida.

          I love Two Georges and Banana Boat for what they are - both in Boynton and directly on the intercoastal. Two Georges is a boater's bar, greasy food, all open, sit outside watch the boats, have some drinks and relax. Right across the way is Banana Boat, kind of like Salty's on Alki (in Seattle).

          Just walking along Atlantic Avenue in Delray, you can wander in and out of places that draw you in. Someone mentioned Kilwin's - homemade ice cream, chocolates, milkshakes, always crowded. I never miss it!

          Falcon House in Delray, off the main drag is kind of fun too. And I like Blue Anchor pub if you like good beers, good fish and chips and a nice crowd.

          For more upscale dinners in Delray, try Tramonti, City Oyster, Cugini Grill, Lemongrass, and 32 East - supposedly the best restaurant in Delray Beach. I also second the rec for Cabana.

          You won't find good coffee in S. Florida unless you are in a 4 or 5 star restaurant, so just be aware. There are a few Starbuck's if you get hard up. I always bring my own coffee when visiting family in S. Florida.

          There are ALOT of good restaurants in Boca if you're venturing there. Look on these boards for recs. Hope you have a good time. Should be alot warmer than Seattle.

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            Thanks garifw, nice to have a seattle perspective. Have a great list going, and will report back! Enjoy the sun!

          2. Don't miss Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, lots of restaurants to fit all budgets and tastes.

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            1. re: itslin

              Just back from great girls weekend. Although the condo is technichally in Boynton, we were closer to Delray. Never made it out to breakfast, but had two lunches and two dinners. Couldn't get anywhere near DaDa before 11 pm. They were actually a bit aloof, saying saturday nights book up weeks in advance, and tables of 6 are hardly ever available. looked like a fun place ....maybe next time.

              So our first dinner was at Cabana, and the food was very good. Service was not perfect, but nothing terrible either. Second dinner ended up being pizza to go from Tramonti. This was because we had our name on wait lists at 3 places (Lemongrass, City Oyster and a martini/steakhouse -name?) and none of them ever called to say our table was ready. So we had been sitting at Elwood's, quite enjoying an acoustic duo and beers (reminded me of the keys), and when 10:30 came around we decided to take pizza home and drink by the pool. Pizza was good, thin crust, and tasted good even after the journey home.

              Lunches - one at Bostons, good for the price, convenient, but not great. The other at Luna Rosa - very yummy!

              So thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. Weather was perfect, couldn't have asked for a better weekend! Back to Seattle rain now!

              1. re: bluedog67

                Hey bluedog, Glad you had a great time in our area!

                I won't remind you that I wrote "You'll want to make reservations at Dada." Oh - oops. :-)

                Of course, need I say, I'd be very worried if I walked into ANYWHERE at 8PM Saturday night with a party of 6 and didn't have trouble getting seated! That's a good hint you should probably RUN. ;-)

                Lemongrass always takes my cell # and always calls when table ready. Maybe it was so packed, table for 6 never opened up until they were ready to close? Anyway, come back soon, we'll contact you when we are headed for Seattle and some good salmon etc.

            2. glad you enjoyed Cabana and Luna Rosa. I am not a mad fan of Bostons and think that Shore has improved enough to be better.

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                we did not go to Shore b/c it was too spendy for 2pm lunch when we were covered in sand and salt. Menu looked good. Thought about it for dinner, but never got that far down the street again.

                CF - did call Dada on Wed for reservations Fri/Sat and was laughed at. People apparantly book "weeks ahead" for large parties. Maybe next time.