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Apr 17, 2008 12:57 PM

Red Velvet Heresy

Just tried a slice of red velvet cake from Make my Cake and I didn't like it. I didn't even finish half of it. The cake itself just tastes like generic, too-sweet, yellow cake. It had none of the unique flavor that I associate with red velvet (from the cocoa maybe). I think it is just yellow cake with food coloring. The frosting was also too sweet, while it was cream cheese frosting there was not enough cream cheese for my taste (I recently made the CI recipe for carrot cake cream cheese frosting and this paled in comparison), so it ended up being way too sweet.

I much prefer the Margaret Palca red velvet, at least based on their red velvet cupcake.

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  1. Try Billy's Bakery. As I recall, they don't use food coloring -- the red comes from a chemical reaction between the cocoa and baking soda.

    1. A different take here - I had a slice of RV from Make My Cake not too long ago and would say it was the best I have had up here. What I tasted was definately not a yellow cake. Much more complex and it did have the slightly acidic flavor that I associate with the real deal.

      I agree the icing was not quite there but I did not find it overwhelming like many of the thick cream cheese frostings common on RV and carrot cakes.