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Apr 17, 2008 12:35 PM

Foodies visiting Back Bay w 2yr old twins

Please provide suggestions for lunch and dinner. How about Aujourd hui or Excelsior or The Palms?

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  1. Will they be sedated? I don't know about Excelsior but the other two aren't really kid friendly even at lunch.

    1. None of them would be really appropriate, especially at dinner. If you're staying at the Four Seasons, Aujourd'Hui might to do a room service meal for you.

      Certainly not at that level, but you could try the Parish Cafe for sandwiches.

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        1. What strange replies?! Actually, the twins have been to many formal restaurants in NYC and they are very well behaved. Please reply only if you have something constructive to add.

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            The knowledge that the restaurants you are suggesting don't generally welcome children ought to be helping you out, and you've gotten some good alternate suggestions. I'll add my opinion that I wouldn't bring my two year old to any of the places you mentioned either.

            In that area, I'd feel fine with her at Brasserie Jo, and perhaps Laurel. I might also try for the earliest possible seating if I was really determined to eat at one of those restaurants. Our restaurant scene doesn't really get hopping until after 7.

            1. re: Chris VR

              Oh, and I'll add that my kids looooved Summer Shack. Not my scene but it was loud and there were lobsters in a tank to go visit. Although I don't care for the ambiance, the food was pretty good, especially the scallops and oysters. It would probably be a good lunch option.

            2. re: sjbloomsigmund

              The replies are actually on point and not strange at all. If you don't want honest input, don't post in the first place.

              If you bring your youngsters to L'Espalier and they are not well behaved, you will not be very welcome at all. Call the restaurant though, depending on what night of the week it is and if you are willing to eat on the early side, they may be able to accomodate you in the 3rd floor library dining room. I have often seen the 2nd floor dining rooms full, but only a couple or two with a baby in the library (which is a beautiful dining room) when I have gone up to use the restroom.

              The one place which you mentioned which would be fine is the Palm. For lunch it is generally dead in there and there are somewhat private booths. Dinner is loud and crazy anyway, so even if (by chance the children are not very well behaved) you should be just fine.

              What type of cuisine are you looking for? That will make other suggestions easier. I always suggest Fugakyu in Brookline. It has good sushi and japanese and is less than 2mi or 10 minutes from the Back Bay. They have completely enclosed private booths which are great for children.

              The Bristol lounge at the Four Seasons is somewhat lively, and I have brought twins the same age as yours there for brunch without issue.

              It is touch to think of really high end places which will suit you. Do call any resturants in which you are interested though. You may be surprised at how accomodating some of them will be.

              1. re: Gabatta

                I was thinking the Bristol Lounge also. Nice but somehow more conducive to kids.

                1. re: Joanie

                  The Bristol occurred to me to, but I think it is closed still. Sunday brunch at Aujourd'hui would be fine.

                  1. re: sailormouth

                    Bristol Lounge is open. Friends went there last weekend for lunch.

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