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Apr 17, 2008 12:33 PM

TJ's Hickory Honey Hams

I just ate at TJ's Hickory Honey Hams in the old Farmer's Market on Burnet Road.

I had the pulled pork sub. excellent. the bread is baked fresh from phoenicia. the pork was tender as hell. I got mine with provolone, grilled mushrooms and their bbq and horseradish sauces. its a pretty big sandwich too. I ordered the side of coleslaw, it was great. they really wanted me to taste their baked beans, so they threw that in for free. they were awesome and had (of course) bacon in them.

they have a bunch of sandwiches and their prices are very reasonable. my whole bill with a drink was $8.65 after tax. they are only open till 6 during the week and till 5 on Saturdays. Also, they have delivery.

Damn fine pig there.

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  1. I thought everything was closed there "to make way for condos" (sigh...friggin' transplants and their condos)

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    1. re: amysuehere

      I don't know that condos were ever in the cards there. The whole property is on the market again though.

      1. re: ieathereforeiam

        When we went to the last day of Brentwood Tavern (formerly there, and tasty) they said the land had been purchased for an Indian Restaurant and a Gem Museum (I'm not kidding.) Interesting to hear it's back on the market!

        I'll have to give TJ's a try!

    2. ate their hot italian today. pretty good, but the hot ham and cheese and pulled pork remain my favorite.

      I promise I am not shilling for them. I live nearby and want to see a favorite lunch spot succeed only because their food is good.

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        Okay, I'm sold. I'll go today. Which one will blow my socks off?

        1. re: ieathereforeiam

          Went and had a lovely conversation with the owner, Jamie. She said she's not sure where the development is going, but that she'll stay as long as she can (and will relocate again if she has to).

          Called my order in and, since I'd never been, asked Jay to make me what he felt was the best. He made me a pulled pork with mushrooms and a little bit of both the bbq and horseraddish sauce. Footlong toasted sub (love em toasted!) came piled high with juicy pulled pork and grilled mushrooms. Flavors worked really well together, cheese was all metly and the bun was toasted just right. Gotta say, it was a tasty sub and a wonderful Flavorful option in the land of the bland. Next, I'm going to try the Jamie - pork, two kinds of cheese, cold toppings plus lots of cucumber...there goes the diet...

          1. re: amysuehere

            sorry i didn't get to this in time, but sounds like you picked well. i'm a fan of the pulled pork. the hot ham and cheese too. though, i could probably do with less sprouts. easy to pick off though.

            glad you enjoyed! i'm sure i'll run into you there one of these days at lunch.

            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              No worries.

              It's a pity she's stuck in the ghost town of a complex. Really, I thought there weren't any businesses left in there and I'm sure I'm not alone with that misconception. Let's hope the word gets out she's there.

              1. re: amysuehere

                they told me that the farmer's market will be returning next month. I don't know when. seems like it would be tough to compete with the triangle on wednesdays and downtown on saturdays, but we shall see.

        2. I think this is the place that used to be in the 26 Doors shopping center, and if it is, I really like their subs. Unfortunately, I saw on the Statesman website just now that the owner of the property is putting it back on the market rather than renting the rest of it out. The article says that TJ's lease ends April 30 and may not be renewed. I'd better hurry up and go now!

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          1. re: Brian Lindauer

            Yeah, she said he put up the for sale sign just recently, but said even though it would be costly and she doesn't want to, if he sells, she'll move again.