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Apr 17, 2008 12:14 PM

Informal private event for 50

we are getting married at city hall on a Monday in July, and we wanted to organise an informal cocktail party for about 50 people. We wanted to have our friends drop by, have some hors-d'oeuvres or similar, and some wine and beer. We were planning on having it on the roof top of our building, unfortunately the max. capacity is 20 people.
Would you know of any restaurant/bar/etc, moderately priced, where we could organise something similar?

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  1. Brasserie is fantastic and well priced. We just recently held an event of that size and the food and drinks were great. Leah runs the catering/events there and is very helpful.

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      Thanks. I just checked their site and it looks a little bit upscale. Would you qualify it as upscale or more relaxed?

      1. re: kikilucho

        The atmosphere and aesthetic is very modern, so comes across as upscale, but the staff is friendly and outgoing and I have never felt out of sorts there.

      1. 1. The Tasting Room restaurant (Soho-ish)
        2. Aroma Wine Bar (in E. Village) - their Farmhouse Room
        3. Jadis wine bar (Lower E. Side)