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Steakhouses outside Disney World

Why isn't there a Disney chow..or are you assuming that all the food isn't worth mentioning? :)...Anyway can anyone recommend any steakhouses outside the Disney area where I can take dh for his birthday? Thanks.

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  1. a little bit of a drive, but i would go to Del Frisco's in winter park, i think is where it is. Del Frisco's is my favorite steakhouse. I live near NYC and can go to any number of them but prefer Del Frisco. It is a chain, but very high class and excellent ribeye and don't forget to get the fresh potato chips and onions (i forget what they call them).

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      Thanks, I'll look that up. We are from Brooklyn so I know what you mean.

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        Seconding. Del Frisco's is the best steakhouse in Orlando, maybe even in the whole state. I've been twice, and the steaks are the best I've ever had, as well as all the top-notch sides. It isn't cheap, but it's well worth it for a birthday dinner on the town.

    2. I concur with the Del Friscos recommendation. I have been there twice and each time was WONDERFUL. It would be about a 30-mile drive north on I-4 to Fairbanks and then west a few blocks.

      Closer to WDW, the California Grill in the Contemporary Hotel is very good and gets excellent reviews from everybody. I am sure they would have a good steak. If you want to consider going, call now for reservations. They are very, very popular.

      1. You have multiple options including Shula's Steakhouse in The Dolphin Hotel, Capital Grille over at Pointe Orlando, The Palm at the Hard Rock Hotel, Morton's and Ruth's Chris on Sand Lake Road's "Restaurant Row". If I had to rate them in order it would be Shula's, Del Frisco's, Cap Grille, Morton's, Palm. The only issue with Del Frisco's is they seemed to always put to much pepper on their steak for my liking. Also I can't vouch for them since they lost their affiliation with their namesake chain out of Texas.

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          if you don't want to travel to del frisco's, i would try the Palm first and then Capital Grille, then Mortons. I don't like Shula's or Ruth Chris & would rather NOT eat steak then go to either of them.

        2. I also recommend Del Frisco's but it is quite a hike from Disney. And if you are driving that long distance, it is somewhat intimidating to have a few glasses of wine. Much closer are Capital Grille, an upscale chain, and Vito's Chop House, a mid tier at best steakhouse, both on I-drive

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            I haven't been in awhile but I've heard Vito's quality and service has dropped dramatically from more than one source. To bad I use to kind of like it for what it was.

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              Vito's is one restaurant if you're part of a large and clearly deep-pocketed corporate group. It is a lousy stinkhole if show up just a couple of people. They make no effort for non-convention guests, even those who are locals.

          2. Charley's Steakhouse is really good....and close to the Orlando theme parks. I've been to both the Orlando and the Tampa restaurants, and they are both excellent. It's where my husband always wants to go for his birthday. Not cheap...figure on $200 per couple with wine/drinks.

            1. i concur that Del Frisco's is excellent. A couple of other non steakhouses that have fabulous steaks are Primo with their dry aged New York strip (I think this is as good of piece of meat as you will find the Orlando area) and The Ravenous Pig with their Harris Ranch Ribeye (the also have a flank steak, which I haven't had). Shula's at the Dolphin was a good steak as well. Flying Fish has an excellent NY Strip blacken with a Foyot sauce.

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                I know I'm alone with this, but I'm not a huge Del Frisco's fan. Sometimes the steak is excellent, but I had a pretty bad one last time--and I was seated in the annex with a loud obnoxious group of conventioneers. Plus, the service isn't great; I've always had to wait in a crowded hallway for quite some time before being seated. I've never seen anyone who works there smile. I like Vine's Grille on Sand Lake Road, plus the high-end chains, especially Fleming's and Capital Grille and Morton's. For cheap and local, Linda's La Cantina is a good bet.

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                  Oh, and in Disney, the Yachtsman has excellent steaks at fair prices.

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                    I've eaten at Charley's 3 times....and each time the steaks were very good...pricey...but very good...and that's why I went back....The only thing I though that wasn't good was the atmosphere....The steaks were top-tier....while the atmosphere reminded me of Denny's.....NOT the decor....the atmosphere....maybe it was the kids running around unattended......


              2. I know you are looking for outside Disney but have you tried Victoria and Albert's in the Grand Floridian? I thought my steak was delish!

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                  30 mile drive to delfrisco is too far...how is yachtman steakhouse compared to shula's? Victoria and Albert too fancy...we are not bringing dressy clothes and we want to feel relaxed. .

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                    Hhhmmm... Don't think I went to either of those places but you might look into Narcoossee's. Nice but not too nice. Resort nice like men in Khakis and a polo and ladies in capris and a nice top type thing. Seafood but they have a nice steak. I don't eat much seafood but i found plenty to eat. I think you can check out the menu online. Food was great but the reason it is memorable to me is because you can step out on the patio or if you reserve a window table you can wach the parade of lights going on boats across the lake. It was really a neat thing to see. Good luck! I hope you find what you are looking for. :)

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                      They're different. Shula's is fairly formal even though it has a football theme, and it's probably more expensive because it's in an upscale conventoin hotel. The Yachtsman is more family-friendly and woodsy, and the prices are more approachable. Both have very good steaks and good wine lists.

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                        If it's for a birthday, I believe Charley's serves a free steak on your birthday (with ID, of course), as long as whoever you're with buys one at full price. You can't go wrong with that -- although you should probably call and confirm that, first.

                    2. Just outside of Disney is the Gaylord Palms hotel. Call Old Hickory Steakhouse and get a reservation. They are pricey but very worth it. The next best place is Charley's, located on Orange Blossom Trail. It is rated the 4th best steakhouse in the country. but the other person is right about the atmosphere. However, if you want a dessert afterwards, this is the place for you. I've never been to Capital Grille, but have heard good things.

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                        Charley's is not bad for a mid=tier steakhosue, but 4th best in the country? I'm not picking on you; I have seen those lists in the back of airline magazines. But they are an excuse to sell ads. If Charley's is # 4 then my backyard grill is # 1.

                      2. Funny how our tastes so vary...I find any Ruths' Chris to be just the best. I also like Del Frisco although Shula's (in Orlando) has been spotrty to me but they have a new manager who is supposed to even things out.

                        Yachtsman's at Disney is OK but not Prime quality.

                        I really like The Palm at the Hard Rock. I always get my before meal rumrunners at The Lone Palm at City Walk for half the price as the Palm (so I can drink twice as many)!!! Love the 16 oz Strip.

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                          Absolutely 2nd the rec for Old Hickory in the Gaylord Palms. We go there every year!!! Love Del Frisco's as well but too much of a hike during bridge tournaments. Used to do Vito's when the tourney was at the Peabody and liked it as well.

                        2. This isn't a Steakhouse so to speak, but Texas de Brazil has great steak and other meats that come to the table as much as you would like.
                          Give it a try.

                          Good eats

                          1. Del Frisco is great. Like the Texas de Brazil on international dr. Had a great Angus Reserve Filet of Beef. at a small restaurant in Groveland. Red Wing Restaurant. Well worth the trip. Also Had a great steak at the new york Roadhouse in Ocoee. Always looking for a great porterhouse.

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                              Where exactly is Roadhouse? Is it a chain? I agree Red Wing's steak is good, not prime, but very good. Chef's Table at Edgewater Hotel in Winter Garden just opened and they have an excellent steak.

                            2. Is it automatically sexist if I observe that the two sexes prefer different restaurants? (I don't think so.) In my experience, women prefer Charlie's and Ruth's Chris, while men prefer Shula's, Morton's and The Palm (not necessarily in that order). I think the reason is that Charlie's and Ruth's Chris tend to have smaller portions of everything and provide more personal service. (Okay, admittedly, you can order different sizes of steaks, but the range of sizes is smaller at these restaurants and the side dishes tend to be of more manageable proportions.)

                              Shula's, Morton's, and The Palm are decorated in a "men's club/sports club" decor, emphasize large quantities, and tend to be more impersonal. They also tend to be a bit more expensive, probably due to the large quantities served.

                              Since they are all serving (primarily) thick-cut, prime beef, grilled, there is not a heck of a lot of difference in the quality of the meat, but the ambiance may make a difference to you. Incidentally, I think Shula's makes the best martini which I have ever had--top quality ingredients, not watered down from using too-warm ingredients, and COLD ENOUGH (a major failing of restaurant-made, straight-up gin martinis, in my opinion).

                              If I were you, I'd pick Ruth's Chris because Charlie's tends to have a more raucous atmosphere.

                              I've never eaten at Del Frisco's and really wasn't aware that it was a steakhouse. My tendency is to avoid chains, but this sounds like one to try. Thanks to everybody!

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                                Both my husband and I LOVE Charlie's and we eat there whenever in Orlando!!

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                                  I should have mentioned that Charlie's is my girlfriend's favorite steak house. Also, all comments which I have made in my previous post are based on the Tampa branches of those restaurants, except for the comments on Ruth's Chris, which are based on the Sarasota branch. Again, Charlie's is a fine restaurant. It's just a little noisier on weekends than Ruth's Chris. My favorite is Bern's, but it's not a chain and only available inTampa.

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                                    We do not like Ruth's Chris at all. We have several in the Philadelphia area and we do not like any of them.

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                                      I've only been twice, to the one on Sand Lake road, and it left me underwhelmed as well...

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                                        This shows how different we all are. I love steak and steakhouse's and have been to most of those mentioned here (not Berns yet...darn it) but Ruths' Chris is my absolute favorite from A-Z ...But I love the cooked in butter taste and hot, hot plate - that goes against some Chowhounds idea on how steak should be cooked. That's OK, but I LOVE Ruths'.