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Apr 17, 2008 11:59 AM

Waterton Lakes suggestions

Ah ... a weekend in Waterton (with a little April snow in the forecast!)

Any suggestions for chow while there, or on the journey? I realize they are not quite into tourist season yet.

Thanks much!

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  1. Route 40 Soup Company in Turner Valley en route for sure... Waterton itself isn't a foodie place though we had some good pizza at Pizza of Waterton. Next time we go I'm taking coffee beans and my presspot, coffee is terrible there unfortunately.

    1. My favourite place is Kilmorey Lodge. It is a lovely 1920's log building with a lot of character.

      1. If you do take Highway 22 through Turner Valley to Pincher Creek, that is a beautiful and scenic drive.

        However, if you do take Highway 2, Roy's in Claresholm is a good pit stop. We had some great saskatoon berrry shakes there, and their hot beef sandwiches were tasty. Roy's is on the main drag as you drive through Claresholm (basically highway 2)

        In Waterton, there's this good breakfast and lunch place, I think called Zum's -- hearty and good, simple meals. I remember there was a really good coffee shop right by the movie theatre, with great baked goods too. Frank's (the Chinese food place) apparently has good burgers. There also seems to be a large amount of ice cream shops there as well, so I don't know if they are open. The one of main street was the best.

        We were last in Waterton about a year ago, so I hope these recommendations are still good!

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        1. re: sweeterpea

          I would second Zum's for breakfast, and the Lamp Post at Kilmorey Lodge for dinner. I think they are both open year round. There was a fairly decent Italian place on the main street, whose name escapes me now, but I don't think it opens until later in the season.

          1. re: irishgirl

            Kilmorey dining room is open year round. I would make a reservation.

        2. If you happen to go through Cardston (about 30 minutes east) the Cobblestone is a hidden gem. Very good food in a historic building. Very much a cut above anything else around.
          Just drive straight south on Mainstreet until you see the sign on the right.