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Where Can I Get Good Fresh Mozzarella in Bergen County?

Does anyone know of a store in Bergen County (preferably around Fair Lawn or in NW Bergen) where someone can get real good fresh mozzarella cheese at a reaonable price? My favorite mozzarella is from Laraia's Cheese Shop in Nanuet. But it's bit far for me to go there regularly. I've gotten fresh mozzarella from some other places (Maywood Market, supermarkets, etc.) but none have come close to Laraia's. Does anyone know of any other places closer to my home turf that can at least come close to Laraia's?

BTW, if you haven't been to Laraia's, you need to make the trip. Wonderful cheeses and meats, fair prices, and a friendly experienced staff. Then hop next door to Carousel Cakes and get a wonderful cake for dessert! They're both on Seeger Drive in Nanuet, right next to each other.

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  1. closer than fair lawn -> nanuet...

    hoboken. biancamano's (bet 11/12, or 10/11, on washington). mom & pop shop, closed on sunday.

    yes, people will tout vito's...(or lisa's and fiore's)...but biancamano's is really the champ. and even better than dipalo's (manhattan).

    1. In Fair Lawn, there are 2 really great places for fresh Mozzerella- Ness Pizza, on Saddle River Road, as well as Little Joes Deli, which is located at the interection of Saddle River Road and Morlot Ave (in the strip mall at the traffic light).
      In Ridgewood, on Ridgewood Ave, there is the Ridgewood Cheese Shop. It's right across the street from the post office. I'vbe never tried their mozzerella, but everything else there is top notch.

      1. Though I haven't found it at all Costco's, the one in Hackensack has a buffalo moz. from italy that is about the best thing i've ever tasted...my issue with most fresh moz. is that it's too dry/tough...this stuff from costco is like suspended milk...un-freakingbelievable.
        I've tried Jerry's (englewood) and their regular moz .is ok, though they also have a buffalo moz. (not made in-house) but i haven't tried it yet.

        1. If you want really fantastic fresh mozz, you should go to Vitamia in Lodi (this is very close to Fair Lawn). This place is authentic and very old school. While you are there, they have great frozen pastas and other Italian foods. http://www.pastaboy.com/

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            Vitamia is great! They have the best Ravioli which is what they are famous for but the Fresh Mozz is great too.

          2. Try LaStrada in Midland Park.

            230 Godwin Ave
            Midland Park, NJ 07432

            1. Italian Riveria on East Prospect Street (strip mall, not sure exact address) in Waldwick had great fresh moz made daily as well as other Italian specialities. Great bread too.A bit pricy but well worth it, very nice helpful staff. Open until 6 Mon/Sat, til 3 on Sunday.

              1. Another vote for The Italian
                Riviera in Waldwick. If you want closer to the city, try Fairway on Anderson Avenue in Fort Lee

                1. Check out Corrado's in Clifton. It's an Italian grocery that has a wide variety of meats and cheeses to which includes fresh mozzarella made on the premise. If you prefer to go to an Italian Deli, I recommend A&S Pork Store over at the Browertown Plaza in West Paterson, very close to Fair Lawn.

                  1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I can't believe I forgot about Italian Riviera and La Strada. I went to Italian Riviera every now and then when I lived in Waldwick, but never got mozzarella there. I walked into La Strada once, but didn't buy anything. It looked great, but it was very busy and I didn't want to wait.

                    I know Corrado's well, but haven't been there in a few years. They're a great, cheap no-frills market, but the crowds can be maddening. Never been to A&S Pork Store, but I know that area, and don't go there too often because Route 46 traffic drives me insane.

                    For those in the NW Bergen area, which market would you say is superior, Italian Riviera or La Strada? Why? They both seem very similar to me. Thanks again for the advice!

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                      Italian Riviera is the KING! I live in central NJ, but when I visit my sister-in-law in Bergen, I always come home with a ton of home made sauces, the Italian sub is incredible, basically everything they make, or buy prepackaged, is incredible. I'm sure the mozz is great too, but haven't had it - - YET!

                    2. Jerry's in Englewood is great. Authentic italian specialties at reasonable prices. (south dean street) fresh pasta, big selection of cheeses, olives and they even have a bakery. They also opened a smaller location in Ridgewood, which also sells their fresh mozzarella.

                      1. Jerry's on Dean St in Englewood. Just off Route 4. Very interesting store. Italian market with great food. Also has Italian wines. They have a new store in Ridgewood NJ (just north of Fair Lawn) you could go there as well. However the original Jerry's is an experience!

                        1. Vitamia in Lodi.. hands down. You'll walk in there looking just for some Mozzarella and you'll walk out spending like $75 easily on all the good stuff you see. Don't go in hungry! I'm warning you...

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                            you guys must be all sleeping.
                            Dante's in River Edge has the best my mother has tasted in NJ.
                            She's born in Italy and is very critical of most fresh mozzarella.
                            Dante's she raves about!

                          2. Italian Riveria gets one of my votes....if you don't want to go Rte 17north, just get on Maple Avenue and take to the end, then Franklin Tpke to Waldwick.

                            My 2 cents for Corrado----Fair Lawn to Paterson is not far, but not an area I especially enjoy nowadays. The Corrado location in Wayne is not as chaotic (except around a holiday) and one of the times I was there a man was actually forming the mozz. balls right out in the open. He handed me a walnut size sample of the fresh cheese, still warm, and delicious !!

                            Jerry's is OK, depends on the day. I don't think that they make it every day.