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Apr 17, 2008 11:27 AM

Alberta Ave (E-town) Groceries etc.

Possibly moving to the Alberta Ave area in the near future and I'm not familiar with the area (I've lived in Edmonton a while though). We'd be in the 97th Ave 115th St area.

Just wondering if anyone has any reccommendations for Groceries, bakeries, delis, restaurants and the like.

I've heard great things about the Popular Bakery and that there are lots of family-run food joints in the area.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

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  1. That's pretty close to Chinatown and little Italy. I'd be interested in knowing what others recommend around here. I found a pamphlet on Shawarmas close to that area but haven't gotten around to trying anything.

    1. Gotta love the Italian Centre of course. Also quite nearby Victoria Sausage at 118 Ave and about 68 ave -- all kinds of great smoked meats, especially the triple smoked bacon and ham nuggets. A few blocks east the Portuguese Bakery, home to amazing bread and buns and has a good deli too. Two more blocks east brings Mundare Sausage where the most outstanding smoked barbequed pork ribs and good smoked pork chops can be found. Also mundare sausage a.k.a. koubassa but its not my favourite for that.

      On 132 ave and 96 st is the Mediterrean Bakery which does amazing pita and middle eastern pizza-like things that are so great.

      I love the what i think is now called the Heaven Bakery across from noodle noodle in the Avenue of Nations area for all those take-away dim sung treats like the barbeque pork buns etc.

      In the Avenue of Nations area,

      1. I know you posted the question a while ago but thought I would add more info since I actually live in the area (very close to 97th and 115 actually).

        There ARE some great little restaurants in the area. My favourite places include Habesha which is an Ethiopian restaurant located at 95 street and 118 ave. They serve a veggie buffet on Wednesdays I think, and it's only about $12 / person.
        There is 123 Thai Laos across the street (on 118 ave) between 95 street and 94 street. It's great too.
        In Chinatown there are some amazing places. On the west side of 97th street there is Padamanadi which is a vegetarian restaurant. The dishes are amazing! Also on that side of 97th, there are three Chinese/vietnamese restaurants located south of 106 ave. The first one is on the corner and it has the symbol of 'La vache qui rt" cheese (you'll notice it right away - I can't remember it's name). Further down there is 'Le family restaurant" or something like that - the name is part french anyway. Just beside that one is 'the golden bird'. I have been to all these restaurants and they are pretty good (and on the cheaper end of things). Also, just south of 107ave, there is the Italian Bakery. AMAZING! That is where I get most of my breads and little desserts, as I walk home from work. They also carry a few grocery items, as well as cheeses and deli meats. I love going there. On the east side of 97 street there is Boualong Thai and Laos restaurant. I think they recently moved to a bigger location on 97street (still on the west side). Their original venue only fit 4 tables and it is always busy!!!

        On 111ave, between 96 street and 95A street, there is another Ethiopian restaurant, on the north side of 111ave. The food was so flavourful and relatively cheap ($30 for two, with TONS of leftovers!). Across the street there is Tony's and they have great pizza. It's always busy in there during the summer!

        LIttle Italy (on 95 street, between about 108 and 109 ave) has the Italian market which has recently expanded and is currently being renovated. They carry mainly food products although they do sell a few toiletries. They have a great deli full of different cheeses, deli meats, olives...etc. They have frozen meats that I have found to be quite reasonable. Their selection of frozen pasta is to die for and they also carry a lot of speciality items (different artichokes, imported noodles, sauces, oils, cheap saffron..etc, local honey and condiments) all for quite a reasonable price. I think their veggie prices are the best in the area. I hope this continues. There is a new coffee shop attached to the market which is amazing (and the people behind the counter have been very nice). You can get a GREAT latte and cannoli for $4 - way better than Starbucks! Beside the market is an italian restaurant that I have heard is very good. The next block down there is a yoga studio and a flower/gardening/coffee shop. Further down from that is a big wine store (to make your own wines).

        Up around 118 ave and about 83 or 84 street, there is a great perogy place. I love going there for breakfast! MMM. There is also the Carrot Cafe on 118ave and 94 street. It's a community run (volunteer run) coffee shop that holds classes and provides a link for community members (weekly parent and tot meetings, book clubs, pin hole photography, open mike, visiting musicians, art work on the walls by alberta ave artists...etc). On the same block is the Popular bakery. It is pretty good but i have to admit i prefer the Italian bakery on 97th and the italian market on 95th. on 118ave, between 94th and 95th street, there is a little place that serves one meal a day (no menu as far as i can tell) but they always have samosas - amazingly CHEAP samosas (meat). I think the place might be called Sharisa's cafe. The proprietors are very friendly.

        Further east on 118ave there is another bakery called the Handy bakery (on the east corner of 87 street). I quite like it and will stop off and pick up my breads there if I walked to safeway (safeway at 82 street and 118ave). Within that little area on 87 street and 118ave, there is a little South American restaurant that is quite popular. I have been once and really liked it but it's always been packed or closed every other time I have been there

        On 111 ave at about 93 street there is the Budapest deli. MMM!! There are actually lots of delis in the area. If you find your house location on google, then 'search nearby' using 'deli' as the key word, you will see many come up!

        Hope that helps! Did you end up moving into the area?

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          Alberta Ave is becoming a really cool neighbourhood. They are apparently getting a farmer's market, too.

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            The farmer's market opens tomorrow: http://albertaavenuecommunityleague.w...

            And just a note on the Le Family Restaurant - I thought at first it was a French name as well but Le is actually the last name of the owners (pronounced Lee).

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