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Apr 17, 2008 11:22 AM

Reccomendations For Kalamazoo, MI


Looking for dining reccomendations for Kalamazoo, MI. We're going to visiting Bell's Brewery and going to the Art Festival. We do have a six-year old, but we don't like to eat at chains.


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  1. You can find numerous recommendations in the topic at

    1. The best place in town is Martini's, located at 832 South Westnedge close to downtown. High quality, decent prices, fresh ingredients, brilliant Italian soul food. Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and an increasing number of alterna entrees, along with great salads and appetizers. All homemade goodness. Kid-sized portions if you look at the "sides" menu! They also now have beer, wine, and liquor. They're located maybe a mile from Bell's, tops, but it's defiinitely more of a drive/bike ride option than a walkable destination from Bell's if you're bringing your little one.

      Bell's serves food, but it's nothing to write home about. If you need someplace within a quick tipsy walk from Bell's for dining, Olde Peninsula on the corner of Michigan and Portage has good bar food, and just down the street from OP is the London Grille, which might be better for some time when your 6-year-old is a little older. They're a tad pricier and have lots of curry dishes and big delicious steaks and the like. Food Dance on the corner of Michigan and Pitcher has a good history but a slightly shakey reputation these days. Again, a bit pricier, but the menu's focused on local organic ingredients, etc. Service can be shoddy and the latest reviews of the food have been mixed.

      There's other good grub to be had in town, but I figure you're probably looking for something relatively nearby!

      1. You've got to try Food Dance! The atmosphere is comfortable and fun and the food is fabulous. I disagree with the other poster about the quality. I've eaten there several times recently and it has been wonderful. I'm a food writer ane restaurant reviewer so I do pay attention to such things.

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          If you're still looking for recommendations, SPROUT on the Kalamazoo mall (Burdick Street) is also pretty astounding.

        2. Went last week to a Malay restaurant, Rasa Ria, on W. Main St on the left past Kazoo College and on up the hill. They also have Indonesian food, which was what I personally tried--I know that cuisine a bit, and it was the real thing. Definitely good for small kids--there were a bunch of families in there, and these are very kid-friendly cultures. Not expensive, and despite the equatorial location most dishes from this part of the world are not very spicy--you can always ask which ones are.

          1. My wife and I just had dinner at Oakwood Bistro, recommended on this board about a year ago. We had chicken and mushroom crepes, grilled salmon with risotto, and cinnamon apple tartlet and found the meal and service outstanding.