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Apr 17, 2008 11:21 AM

Atlanta/Gainesville Ga - need ideas, pls.

I've been drooling over the menus at Ecco and Trois...but my trip to Georgia next week is riddled w/ logistical constraints. I think I'm going to have to eat closer to Gainesville than Atlanta. Anything fabulous in that area? I'm coming south from Brasstown Bald around 4-5, and need to be back in Gainesville by 9ish. Within that , i can travel. Any "hidden gems?"


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  1. Curious if you found anything interesting? My husband and I will be racing down that way this weekend at Road Atlanta (well, HE'LL be racing, I'll be watching/helping!). We stay in Oakwood and it seems to be a food wasteland. Am thinking about exploring more over toward Gainesville/Lake Lanier/Flowery Branch instead of Oakwood/Braselton as those attempts have yielded precious little over the years.

    Since you didn't get any response, I'm not very hopeful, but figured I'd throw it out there again.

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      It seems there is a Peruvian place called Sabor Latino in Flowery Branch.

      Sabor Latino
      5545 Atlanta Highway, Flowery Branch

      Never been there, so no idea if it even exists, but that's the only one I have on my shortlist in that area.

      But supposedly Oakwood has like almost the largest per capita Colombian population in the country, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is a Colombian place hidden somewhere.

      1. re: Scirocco

        If you're staying in Oakwood you might want to try Loretta's Country Kitchen. Nothing fancy, just good honest food at fair prices.

      2. You might try a new restaurant in the Chateau Elan area. It's called Houndstooth Grill & Tavern ((770) 967-2225). It's located about 1 mile west of Chateau Elan on GA 211. That's the Chateau Elan exit off I-85 N of Atlanta.

        We have dinner that last weekend and it was great - good atmosphere and drinks also. The table ordered everything from salads, stuffed chicken breasts, ribs, and shrimp and grits and no one had any complaints.

        Also consider Green Tea (chinese, thai, and sushi) which is located on Spout Springs Road east of the Spout Springs exit off I-985. Great food here too and never too crowded. Favorites here are the Honey Walnut Shrimp and Thai dishes.

        Lots of residential real estate development is bringing more restaurants to the area which used to have mostly Lake related restaurants. There are tons of chain restaurants situated around the Mall of Georgia which is two exits south of Chateau Elan.

        At the Hamilton MIll exit (1 exit south of Chateau Elan) there's the Iron Wok (Chinese) and The Fieldhouse but mostly fast food and a Chili's. Good barbecue at Log Cabin BarBQ.

        Good luck. Let me know what you find. I live in Hamilton Mill (2200 homes) and we're always looking for a good restaurant north of us.

        1. Cumming on the page? Couple places near the courthouse if that works for you. One is an IItalian place that is the rave but I have not been there..
          They are closed on Mondays and that is when I am there. My poor brain cannot remember the name. Sal's - it is a miracle my brain IS alive!! Other one is Country Gourmet or something like that. Right behind the courthouse. Sort of a cafeteria place - get in line pick your food , get the tray, but good food.

          1. Well, we're back and so thought I'd do a quick update. First, thanks SO much for all the suggestions! I did manage to get online to read them while there, but didn't get a chance to respond until we got home. Danna, don't know if you go to Gainesville a lot (or will ever again), but will pass along what I learned.

            First, through absolute dumb luck, we found a place Friday night in Gainesville's historic section called Seabones. It is upscale seafood and everything we had was excellent. Good energy and service as well. I forgot to grab a menu, so this is from memory.....we had the mussels app ($9) which was ample and cooked perfectly, served with some crostini. I had the salmon special ($26) with came with pan fried/sauteed apple, napa cabbage in some sort of buttery, creamy sauce and the salmon had a really nice dry rub and was served with some sort of a light curry sauce. My husband had the sea scallops ($23) which came with broccoli and some really good risotto (I've had way too many "crunchy" risottos -this was perfect - al dente, yet creamy). Nice sourdough rolls (screamin' hot from the oven) and choice of house or caesar salads (both good) with the entrees. I had two glasses of wine ($7.50 each) and my husband had a soda and the total was $83 + tip. Both the salmon and scallops were cooked nicely (we weren't asked how we wanted them cooked, but they were good - not overdone).

            Apparently, the chef has only been there for about a six weeks and used to work at 5 star restaurants in Las Vegas and other places, then met his girlfriend and moved to Gainesville (this all according to our server). When looking for a website for them after I got home, I saw a couple really horrible reviews of this place, but noticed they were both by the same person and one was posted in January (pre-new chef), soooo, all I can figure is that it really sucked prior to the new chef OR a disgruntled ex-employee??? who knows. all I know is that our meal was fabulous and we will be back for sure! There was another place "Scott's" which was also on the same square and was busy - menu looked good.

            200 Washington St NW Ste A
            Gainesville, GA 30501-3622

            Saturday night, we tried one of Brenda's suggestions, Green Tea in Spouting Springs (just south of Oakwood off of the rt 985 Flowery Branch exit). We enjoyed that as well. It has a good atmosphere and a huge menu. We got a sushi app (volcano roll - ok, not "real" sushi! - which was good). I got the veggie version of Panaang (sp?) Curry ($10.50) and my husband got his favorite standby, Pat Thai (can't remember the price, but it wasn't a lot). He said the Pad Thai was as good as he's had around here and my curry was excellent. My only complaint is that some of the veggies could've been cooked a tad more (some was basically raw), but it was a minor quibble. Oh, one other odd thing - I requested "medium" spice, which came out perfectly for me, but noticed it said "mild" on the ticket. So, now I'm wondering if I really got medium or mild?? Either way, it came out the way I like it. So, we'd definitely go back there again too.

            We have tried Houndstooth (or used to be Braselton Grille) before and liked it as well. There has been a ton of new construction around that area (still nothing interesting in Oakwood!). Oh, we did stop in at Loretta's first, and it may have great food, but it was cafeteria style and we were just in the mood for something a little nicer. Might be a good idea for breakfast? it's close by, that's for sure! :)

            Thanks again! We plan to try more places when we go back next year!

            1. In Gainesville itself I like Rudolph's Restaurant, 700 Green Street
              old fashioned but well prepared food and nice atmosphere.
              In Flowery Branch I lke the Flowery branch Yacht Club.
              Not a Yacht club, but an old house with inventive cuisine. Some times a little noisy but always interesting when I've gone.