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Apr 17, 2008 10:48 AM

what to order at Vegetarian Dim Sum House?

I will definitely order the snow pea leave dumplings which i loved.

My friend recommends the turnip cakes.

NY Mag recommends:

Sweet corn noodle soup;
Buddha’s bean curd rolls;
spinach dumplings;
rice flour rolls with Chinese kale;
crispy banana rolls;
kiwi milk shake.

Do you chowhounds agree/disagree? Anything to add to the list?


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  1. Feh to NY Mag!

    Order these:
    Rice flour rolls with mock ham and coriander
    pea leaves dumplings (from the "specials" card - you already know how good those are)
    watercress dumpling soup (also from specials card)
    Treasure balls with assorted flavor
    monk dumplings
    fresh kiwi juice, or fresh watermelon juice

    the crispy banana rolls are good, but as dessert only - they're very sweet. Bon appetit!

    1. I like their vegetarian take on char shu bao, and definitely the fried turnip cakes (although they do come out very greasy). Not a fan of the vegetarian shrimp dumplings.

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      1. re: Minerva0501

        the shrimp dumplings have same texture and little bit of the taste of the real thing. I recommend it. I agree with other suggestions of Minerva tho.
        I like their soups and get the one with bean curd and white fungus. Seaweed with bean curd is good too.

      2. oooooh thank youuuuuu
        I can hardly wait!