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Apr 17, 2008 10:44 AM

Where can I get homemade chicken soup/broth?

Hi all,
I'm looking for "homemade" chicken soup or chicken broth for my matzoh ball soup this upcoming week. I know canned/boxed varieties usually suffice for most purposes, but I would like something a bit more authentic. And yes, I'm too lazy to make it myself! I'd like to be able to purchase it by the quart, at least... Any suggestions?!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ken's Diner in Skokie makes a good chicjen soup that they sell by the quart -

    1. The soup at Kaufman's is pretty darn good. You can get it with the matzo balls already in it, if you like, or with noodles. It's sometimes available freshly made, always available frozen.

      Kaufman's Bagel and Delicatessen
      4905 W. Dempster Street
      Skokie IL 60077

      1. Thanks, guys! I will certainly have to look into both of these places. FWIW, I called Whole Foods and they told me "the boxes in the grocery section will be your best bet." I think I actually laughed at them! Not that I WOULDN'T do that if need be (and if fact, that's exactly what I did last year!), but I must say I was a bit surprised by their suggestion.

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          Another place you might check, if you're around downtown, is Fox and Obel. I'm pretty sure they sell chicken stock (as well as other soup basics) and of course their quality is top-notch. If I'm not mistaken, the basic stocks are NOT where the soups and sandwiches are, but are either in the refrigerator to the right where the sauces are, and/or you can get them frozen in the freezer near the cash registers.

        2. Last year I got broth for matzo ball soup from The Bagel at 3107 N. Broadway (and also in Skokie, I believe). Everyone at the Seder enjoyed it!

          1. Whatever you do, stay away from the boxed stuff. I've tried the Whole Foods selection and it tastes nothing like real chicken broth. Not even close.

            I have seen a broth reduction at the Chopping block that might be worth buying - its real broth that has been reduced down to a thick paste. I know that I have seem beef and veal, so assume that they have chicken as well.

            And really consider making it yourself. 99% of the work is just doing something else while you let it simmer on the stove.

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              Fox and Obel is a good idea. In the suburbs, Foodstuffs has a lot of those sorts of products but they don't have anything consistently-- call ahead.