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Apr 17, 2008 10:42 AM


It's right around the corner from Haad Thai and Sushi AOI.

I passed it on the way to Brasserie?

Anyone been?

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  1. This is the place in the old bus station, right? If so, I had lunch there today. It's sort of pan-asian, cool and trendy. It filled up pretty quickly.

    Food was not bad. They have $12 lunch specials. You get a spring roll and an entree. I got drunken spaghetti chicken. Kinda pricy. Not a place I'd rush to if the meal was on my dime.

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    1. i am bumping this thread because it was the only result in my search for "mazu" and i was hoping to get more feedback. we were thinking of going to this restaurant for dinner in early march, when we will be in d.c. for a show at the black cat. i read about it in tom sietsama's review of the best cheap eats in the magazine accompanying the sunday post. it intrigued me and i would love to get more 'hound reviews before i try it out. please? thanks in advance.