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Apr 17, 2008 10:25 AM

Ideas for where to go w/4 year old before theater

I'm taking my 4 year old daughter to her first Broadway show this Sunday afternoon (The Little Mermaid, God help me.) I thought it would be nice to take her to lunch beforehand, something fun and "grown up" in a little girl way, if that makes sense. I'd heard that Alice's Teacup was a good place, but they don't take reservations and I'd hate to have to schlep up there from Brooklyn (where we live) just to have to wait. I was hoping to get some suggestions on that type of place (not necessarily serving high tea, but a place with some whimsy), possibly either midtown or further south. That said, if you think Alice's Teacup is a great idea, I'm all ears.


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  1. I haven't been, but did you see Bruni's review of Chop Suey in The Times a week ago? They are on opentable.

    1. If Joe Allen's is open for lunch, it might work. Their hamburger is pretty good.

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        That's probably a good idea, especially because the theatre is on 46th Street. It is much easier having a shorter distance to go with a 4 year old.

      2. John's Pizza on 44th and 8th or Juniors on 47th and Broadway,

        1. this might sound like a strange suggestion, but if she has a slightly more adventurous palate, try kyotofu. it's a cute/pretty/girly place, with good, nominally healthy, dainty desserts, not too far a walk from b'way. the quiche and meatballs are pretty accessible when it comes to savory food. and they serve tea.

          1. How about American Girl Cafe? Good place to get her interested in reading those American Girls books.