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Apr 17, 2008 10:03 AM

Kansas City BBQ in San Diego

I was downtown last night and in the mood for bbq. There was smoke drifting down the block so I was sold. The food came pretty quickly. The fries were the standard Burger King size and okay. The onion rings were great. The onions had a bit more kick than Burger King or Jack in the Box ones. The pork ribs were big and meaty. Really good with the bbq sauce. The beef ribs were overcooked and burnt black on one side. The edible part was too dry. Sliced pork was bland. Sliced beef was bland. The baked beans were really good.

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  1. Gosh I have not been there in about 8 years. It completely fell off my radar. I really don't get downtown much. The last time I ate there it was for lunch, I was on a break form a meeting at the Marriott. The bbq was really unremarkable. I had the pork ribs, and they were tough and chewey, and chewey in not a good way. my friend had the beef and he really did not like them too much either. I guess i thought if I want ehh bbq I can always get that up in no. county.

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      The only good thing about KC BBQ is that they filmed the famous bar scene from Top Gun there (You've lost that loving feeling).

    2. Haven't been in at least 8 years +/-, and only because visitors insisted that they needed go. Yah, it was famous for Top Gun but, that's pretty old now. The place is aweful, I mean those old dusty bras and panties are disgusting and the food isn't much better. Mostly soggy greasy fat on a bone.

      1. Like Lou & Mickey's, KC BBQ only survives due to a great location and an unending supply of unknowing tourists. Their sliced beef is tougher than shoe leather. Once was more than enough.

        1. I would say they probably have better food in Darfur than the food they serve at KC BBQ....with the baseball season upon us, however, I am in the market for a new fielder's glove and the 20 day old beef from this joint should be broken in by now.

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            Don't you pay more for that? I think they call it dry-aged at KC.