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Apr 17, 2008 09:56 AM

Quiet place with beyond excellent food-

An old foodie friend back in town, lost a parent to cancer. Want to take them somewhere spectacular - 5 $tars+ but want it to be a soothing experience. Not looking for the trendy scene whatsoever. Great ambiance, great food and some privacy. Area: Hollywood - Pasadena Food: Sushi, Italian, French, etc...

Thank you, chowhounders, for suggestions! <3

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  1. Providence. Here's my recent report. Keeo in mind my dinenr was a blowout bonanza, so the price is a lot higher than normal. Amazing place

    Also, Urasawa. If I was your friend, besides Providence, I'd love to be comforted at Urasawa. (never been, but 'hounds who have LOVE it.)

      1. re: Obessed

        obessed, never been to ortolan - a quiet place?? the website seems deceiving. are the tables well spaced??

        my friend and i have already been to providence - thanks, diana!
        urasawa-never been. will look into this.

        1. re: Obessed

          Seconded! Had an amazing meal there last week. And it's definitely quiet and soothing.

          1. re: nick_r

            I totally agree with Nick - the atmosphere was very quiet and soothing. They have these amazingly comfy banquets that seemed perfect for a 4 hour tasting menu. We didn't do it, but the people across indulged in it and it looked amazing! I highly recommend this place.

            1. re: Obessed

              We did have the tasting menu (a vegetarian version they designed for us), but it wasn't quite four hours... heck, we burned through it in just over three! Truly incredible dining experience.

        2. The main restaurant at the Huntington Hotel (now going by a different name) in Pasadena.

          1. Saddle Peak Lodge.

            Get a table upstairs, or outside on the patio if the weather is nice.


            1. I know this rec is beyond the requested area - but what about La Cachette in Century City? French cuisine in a charming renovated house, polite/refined service without being too overbearing & they have private area...I wonder if there's an equivalent in the Hollywood wouldn't be more than 10-15 min additional driving.

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              1. re: flavasista

                Concur on La Cachette - totally a refined, non-trendy atmosphere.

                1. re: Emme

                  I found La Cachette crowded, rushed and very disappointing,on my first visit about 2 months ago.