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Apr 17, 2008 09:40 AM

Rec’s for upscale dinner w/family Downtown/Hollywood

I have my parents in town for mothers day weekend and am looking to take them to dinner on Saturday night with my fiancé and my sister and her husband. My sister and husband will be driving up from Orange county so anywhere relatively accessible to the freeway is ideal. They like Asian fusion (but not sushi), fish (they have been to Roys and Watergrill before) and pretty much anything else in the $25/plate range. Any recommendations?

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  1. can you go above $25 a plate? If so, go to Providence and order off the menu (the tasting menu is out for that price range)

    Sadly, in the places I consider "upscale" $25 sort of is a median. I need to refresh teh way I see things, I guess.

    There are plenty of reasonable and nice places, though.

    You could do old school LA and take them to Musso and Frank's

    HAve you been to the palce at the New Otani in Little Tokyo? It's OK, I hear.

    You could try one of the Patina places, like, say Patina downtown.

    West Hollywood tends to have a bigger concentration of Upscale than Hollywood, and Hollywood NEAR west Hollywood is OK.

    IN WeHo, I like Angeli Caffe a bunch. You MIGHT be able to do it at Mozza, but I'm unsure.

    1. At that price point you are not quite in "upscale" territory, (that would be more along the lines of $35 per entree + starter and $8 dessert). That said I think you could come close at a place like 2117 on Sawtelle in West LA. We were just there last night and it was very good, as it always is. My wife and I got out for $56 + tip, but that did not include wine or beer. I don't know what their corkage policy is but you might check and see if you are wine drinkers.

      1. Is SPQR nice enough for the OP?

        1. Why not try Roy's again? There's one in Downtown LA.

          1. Katsuya in Hollywood has other things besides sushi, and it is all good. I have gone there with sush and non-sushi lovers alike and everyone loved everything they had.