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Apr 17, 2008 09:02 AM

Kosher for Passover Coke in East Bay?

Anyone spotted Kosher for Passover coke in the East Bay? Coming from Walnut Creek so no further then Oakland/ Berkeley. Thanks!

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  1. Well I got no luck from this thread last year but maybe posting earlier this year will work, any sightings yet?

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      Not specifically Passover Coke, but what about Mexican Coke, also made with cane sugar? You can find cases of Mexican Coke at Costco in (I believe) SF and definitely Colma and SSF.

      1. re: kcchan

        I'd prefer the Kosher for Passover coke. For one there have been some threads on here about the Mexican coke not always being made with cane sugar and times when you just can't tell for sure. Secondly I don't want to invest in a case just would like to try a two liter. Searched last year but never did find it, hoping I'll find it myself or someone here can lead me in the right direction!

    2. Call the Coca Cola Bottling Co. in Union City
      1551 Atlantic St
      Union City, CA 94587
      (510) 476-7000

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          1. re: wolfe

            I did although not at all to be rude, but I'm not sure exactly why you pointed it out. Was it to show what makes kosher coke kosher or that kosher coke may not taste different then regular coke? In either case the link was very informative. I actually do celebrate passover so I could claim a religious need to have it, but our family actually allows corn products on passover, I am just really curious now to try it myself :)

            1. re: elliora

              It was just for information. Actually after reading it I still could not figure out which Coke was acceptable for Passover. I am sure that if you just want cane sugar coke there should be no taste difference between non-Pesach cane sugar coke and kosher for Passover cane sugar coke.

              1. re: wolfe

                No problem just curious.

                Some more information then, if someone was strictly adhering to Passover laws, only the Kosher coke would be acceptable. This is because the facility producing the coke (or any other passover item) would need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to be free of any forbidden item.

                To complicate matters further there only those who are from Ashkenazi descent (Jewish people from Eastern Europe) forbid corn, those who are Sephardi (Spanish or Middle Eastern descent) are more lenient in their interpretations and allow corn. And if you really want to complicate matters I'm technically Ashkenazi but their rules for Passover are too strict for me so I become Sephardi for a week...

                I can say too that all this talking is making me want a passover coke even worse then before!

                1. re: elliora

                  Neither Ashkenazi nor Sephardi ever worried about what to do with crab. Isaac Mayer Wise was partial to oysters and the great "Treif Banquet" in 1883 at the graduation of the first American rabbis, clams, shrimp,frog's legs and soft shelled crabs, was a mistake.

                  1. re: wolfe

                    Thank you for getting me to laugh so hard. Yes I love crab which is very un kosher. Whenever I go visit my grandmother she is always trying to get me to eat a pork sausage her reasoning being that if I eat crab I might as well eat the pork too!

                      1. re: wolfe

                        Thank you! I was in need of a good laugh today and that worked perfectly!

      1. The Safeway in Lafayette had a pretty big display today. Limited to 3 bottles due to "very limited availability".

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        1. re: btbx

          Thank you!!! My quest for Passover coke has finally been completed, I bought some in Lafayette this week.

          Before I tried it, I thought it would be fun to do a blind taste test to see if I could spot the difference. Once I tasted it there was no need too, it was definitely different. Most people at our seder tried some and they all agreed too (I know I shared!) I was surprised that it was actually sweeter then the HFCS version. The bottle listed it as having sucrose. Which now leads me to wonder why it tasted so different then the mexican coke made with cane sugar. I did not think there was supposed to be such a notable difference between the two, but they tasted distinct as did the HFCS version.

          By the way despite being sweeter I loved the kosher for passover version, the sweetness had such a delicious taste to it, it almost made it taste more cola-ee. to make up a word!

        2. Lots of Kosher for Passover Coke in the 2-liter plastic bottles at Andronico's on Shattuck and Cedar in north Berkeley this evening.

          1. I bought a couple bottles at the Lucky in Alameda, Marina Village. I saw 4 bottles in a non-kosher display...didn't see any more.