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Apr 17, 2008 08:22 AM

35th Anniversary

Have been to most of the great restaurants in NYC. Money is not an object, although I do not want to go to Masa.
I am thinking of the following: Adour (although with yesterday's review it's probably a zoo),
Allen & Delancey, Gilt, Commerce, and L'Impero ( have been there with the previous chef)
Would appreciate any feed back or other suggestions.

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  1. Some fine possibilities, but if money is not an object, why not go for something more special, like Picholine, Jean-Georges, Eleven Madison Park to name a few.

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    1. re: rrems

      Have been to Picholine many times so I'm not really interested in going there.
      My wife is not that crazy about Eleven Madison.
      Jean-Georges though is a possibility. Haven't been there in many years.

      1. re: s.piller

        A couple of others to throw into the mix - Aquavit and Alto - I've had great meals at both in the last six months or so - posted a review of Alto, didn't get around to Aquavit.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Have not been to Aquavit. We were at Alto recently. Although the room is nice and the service excellent, we were not "wowed" by some of the dishes. Thanks for the input.

    2. One more option for you to think about:

      Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel (the main dining room, not Maze).

      There is no woman who can resist the bonbon cart at the end...

      1. Le Bernadin? Daniel? A Voce? Personally, I was not blown away by the food at Aquavit, but I was only there for lunch.

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          Aquavit - I agree - I wasn't blown away either, just thought it was v. well prepared w/ interesting flavors, which makes me ask - when was I last blown away by food - and the answer is probably Di Fara, but that is probably a good question for another thread.

        2. You mention that you're considering L'Impero which, of course, is the older, less expensive sibling of Alto (which is still on my "go-to" list). We've been to L'Impero twice since Michael White took over the kitchen, and I think his style of contemporary Italian cuisine is delicious. The wine list is excellent, the service is friendly and capable, and the space has understated elegance.

          You don't mention when this anniversary dinner will take place, but if the weather is warm, you could sit on L'Impero small, charming and romantic patio, which has a view of the park across the street. While they, of course, take reservations for indoor seating, I'm not sure they do for the patio, and it only has about a half dozen tables.

          Happy 35th Anniversary and Buon Apetito!