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Apr 17, 2008 08:20 AM

Great New Chowfind

Last Friday my wife and I went to Angkor Restaurant (Broadview and Gerrard) for the first time. We just got back from a great trip to Cambodia and this place had food that tasted exactly like what we had on our trip. It was apparently the first Cambodian place in Toronto.

The owner/chef ordered for us. We had a curry and a stir-fry dish. Both were excellent, the curry dish was amazing. The owner, who is Cambodian, was very friendly and told us about how he visits his homeland every year and raises money to help the people back there.

Can't believe I hadn't heard about it before. But we're definitely going to make it a regular haunt. There seemed to be a lot of regulars there when we were there. It's worth checking out. Anyone else been?


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  1. This place has been here for years, and has been discussed in the past. Have been there a few times with inconsistent results. Can't comment on authenticity, but my experience was that the Cambodian dishes were pretty good, but anything else (e.g. chinese) was not great. Haven;t been back in years

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      I went there once. The food was pretty good, but i found the place a bit depressing. Big fish in tanks that need cleaning and overall dark place. The owner/chef, maybe was on a bad day, but was pretty surly.

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        I haven't been for a couple of years either.
        Agree with all the replies. OK Food, but not worth a detour. And a little more expensive than other places in the neighbourhood.

    2. Thanks, this is in my neck of the woods, so I will definitely be checking it out.

      What defines Cambodian cuisine?

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        I'm no expert but it's sort of like Thai food only not as spicy. Very good though.

        I am surprised by the so-so reactions on here. Because we had a great meal and time there.

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          I haven't eaten there but remember walking in last year but my wife didn't like the looks of the place. It's too dark and empty to actually spend time eating there. I usually look in when I pass by and don't see any customers. That sign that says "best Thai food in town" doesn't help either.

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            I've never eaten there but find the place pretty dismal. I have friends who like the place though.

            I went in upon moving back to Ontario after 6 yrs in Cambodia. I spoke to the guy in Khmer and he didn't even look at me and answered in English. Incredibly rude for a Cambodian!! You would *never* get that treatment in the old country. Other Khmer speaking friends have had the same experience. (We chalk it up to his story about being a "prince", which is probably a crock.)

            For the record Khmer food is pretty blah. When I go back now I just can't eat it. I'm currently in Saigon, only a 25 minute flight away, where almost everything is good.
            The Vietnamese, like the Thais, know what to do with all these ingredients.

      2. when the partner lived right near here, we went to be wowed by a new cuisine. we've both lived/travelled in s.e asia (he's white but lived in thailand), and had cambodia street food before, but never a sit down.. the food was only everyone else on the board i have become so jaded by the s.easian offerings in the city minus malay and filipino both of which i have my little gems...inside was's chinatown east and i thought it was serviceable. food was boring and like eating bland thai food. maybe we didnt order the right stuff (fried whole fish, mango salad..couple other things cant remember)...anyways it may be good, but i'd have to go again.