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Apr 17, 2008 08:18 AM

Sobeys - Broadview.Todmorden

This store is wonderful; the fresh fish counter is fabulous; the staff in this store is great. I know it is a little more expensive than some other large chain stores, i.e. Loblaws and Dominion - but I would rather pay the extra and get the great service and quality.

As for the Loblaws at Danforth and Broadview - I agree it is awful - but I guess considering the number of apartments in the area - it is a necessary evil for those who don't have transportation to travel down to Leslie Street or up to Sobey's at Todmorden.

This is an amazing site - I just discovered it today and I LOVE IT!!! It's so nice to see TORONTO issues, restaurants, stores etc etc.

Thank you.

Keep up the great work.


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  1. What's the produce dept like at this Sobey's? This store is very close to me, but I've been going mostly to the Superstore at Don Mills and Eglinton. I've been curious, but I'm not crazy about the produce at the Sobey's up in Thornhill. I'll check it out though.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      Sobey's produce, on balance, tends to be of questionable quality and freshness and carries a high price. I've had bad experiences with Sobey's produce on Danforth and on Laird.

      I haven't bought much at the Broadview store since the reno. Perhaps management there is more vigilant about what they will accept. It's a pleasant enough place to shop and sure beats the Broadview Loblaws - plus it's 24 hours. However, I can't share bubala's enthusiasm for this place. Sobey's aims low, at a high price level, and I find it a very frustrating place to shop.

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        Thanks, Embee. I feel that way about the Sobey's in Thornhill, which is why I haven't ventured into this one yet. However, it's good to have it around for certain things, especially since it's 24 hours.

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          Agree about the produce. To me it's like a not-so-great subarban grocery store, but located just steps away from the Danforth with its wide variety of food shops and cheap produce stores... so I don't see the appeal.

          1. re: julesrules

            i've recently moved into the area and not really familiar with the danforth.. do you have any good go-to's for food and produce along this strip? thanks!

            and in general i've enjoyed the sobeys experience.. produce is definitely better than loblaws'.

            1. re: apb

              I really like both Fruit King (and its competitor something Valley across the Danforth) at Carlaw. These are very cheap produce places with great selection. The presentation is not the same as shopping at a chain grocery, and perhaps the produce is not considered top grade by some. But they have things that matter to me like local cherries and wild blueberries in season, and stored local apples that are still good this time of year (unlike the Foodland Ontario bags at the major grocers). Fruit King in particular seems to buy selloffs so you get the odd crazy deal on baby greens or even meyer lemons 10 for a dollar one very special day two years ago.
              I just found the produce prices at Sobey's to be very high compared to the small Danforth green grocers, and things like piles of perfect shiny green South African Granny Smith apples don't appeal to me personally. I understand the appeal of a big clean grocery store and it serves a purpose in the neighbourhood I suppose...

              1. re: julesrules

                I used to live in this neighbourhood. I went to that Sobey's for late-night/early morning food emergencies, ready-made meals, or cakes from their bakery. Otherwise, Sobey's was (and still is) a must-avoid.
                For produce, go to the fruit stores on Pape south of Cosburn or Logan and Danforth. For other grocery needs at lower prices, go to Food Basics on Pape between Cosburn and O'Connor, or East Chinatown.
                There's just way too many other options of better quality and lower prices in that area.

              2. re: apb

                If you're looking for fresh, organic produce your best bet is the Big Carrot at Jackman and Danforth.

                I believe the farmer's markets start up on the May long weekend. Withrow park has a farmer's market: great heirloom veggies. If you don't mind travelling, the brickworks (Bayview Extension) will be starting up the farmer's markets soon too.

        2. I really like the Todmorden Sobeys and find their produce fair to good, the fish counter excellent and the weekly specials features things I want.

          I thought I liked all Sobeys until I started trying others, especially the new ones with lots of prepackaged foods. I started noticing prices for basics are REALLY high and pre-packaged items are a complete rip off.

          So basics at No Frills, what I can't find or specials at Sobeys, and the place across from Fruit King, Valley Farm Produce, for the best cheapest produce. Fruit King is definitely going downhill though they are nicer now that they have competition.

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          1. re: Mila

            I don't understand how Sobey's is organized or run. It seems that some stores are corporate, some are franchised (openly, with owners' photos posted), and some are privately owned but not identified as such. Some are apparently operated as supermarkets, but others seem to be run more as extra large convenience stores, with prices to match.

            The Broadview store had been an IGA "Garden Market". I don't know whether this means it is franchised but "in the closet", or whether it is now corporate. I do know that their food selection is geared to those with much more conventional tastes than mine. Since I've mainly gone to Broadview late at night, there has generally been no fresh fish counter available. Produce doesn't impress.

            My experiences at the Danforth store and at the new Sobey's stores on Laird and on Front have been terrible. I can speak positively about only two Sobey's locations.

            I've found the (franchised) Parry Sound Sobey's to be an exemplary store (though I haven't been there since 2006 and it could have changed for the worse).

            The Clark & Hilda store in Thornhill is so unique that I'm surprised they didn't leave it as an IGA (which it was in the past). This store provides a shopping experience (for better or worse) more evocative of Brooklyn than of Toronto. My understanding is that this store is so profitable that the local management does pretty much what it wants. It's a treasure trove of Jewish food, much of it imported and unavailable anywhere else.

            But, on the whole, I've come to avoid Sobey's except in its role as the 24 hour store most convenient to where I live.

            1. re: embee

              Embee, you are an amazing resource for grocery information and more !
              I enjoy seeking out the ethnic specialty stores but still need to do bulk shopping so your advice and insight is so appreciated.