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Apr 17, 2008 08:13 AM

1st time in Chicago....

Alright -- my wife and I are spending her 28th birthday in Chicago.....we made reservations to Aigre Doux (spelling????) but have heard a lot of great things about Blackbird. Is Blackbird far and away much so that we should try to get into Blackbird instead???

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  1. No. I've had outstanding dinners at both of them, and consider them virtually identical in quality of food, service, ambiance, etc.

    1. I would recommend going to Blackbird. It has a much more "sexy" ambiance and is someplace I would go to celebrate.

      I have been to Blackbird several times over the years and have always had a wonderful experience. I ate at Aigre Doux only once - and while the food was very good, the service was lacking.

      1. I vote for Blackbird over Aigre Doux. Went to AD for a special occasion (birthday I think) and I don't even remember much of the meal, which is unusual for me. Other people I know really liked it, but there are consistent reports of poor service.

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          When I ate at Aigre Doux last year, the service was as wonderful as the food. It was one of my best meals of the year, a year in which I ate at some very impressive restaurants. I posted a detailed report on my spectacular meal at Aigre Doux in the topic at

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            We ended up going to AD and it was great.....I should say -- very good food....GREAT service. The apps & dessert were great (grilled octopus & pinto beans, tempura crab (not the best, but good), and oxtail ravioili.....the entrees were very good - but not memorable....(lamb tasting...& sea bass w/ asparagus & sushi rice) Overall -- I'd definitely go back.....thanks for the info -- we'll hit Blackbird on our next trip.